20 Hairstyles with Headbands for Casual and Festive Looks

Explore the wonderful world of headband hairstyles! Hair accessories are an excellent source of inspiration. They can radically transform your appearance, elevating a monotonous, casual style to the level of an exciting trendy look.

The following styles range from incredibly simple to more complex; each one is unique and adorable. Headbands can be constructed out of fabric, flowers, yarn, lace, or ribbons, and the styling possibilities are unlimited!

1. Beautiful Buds

Picture this: a statement piece that captures attention effortlessly! This intricate floral headband boasts an extraordinary design. Comprised of tiny rosebuds of varying hues, it forms a lovely flower crown fit for royalty. While showcased here on a young lady, flower headbands also make a charming option for little flower girls.


2. Crowning Glory

Who says headbands have to be mundane, plastic accessories? In the hands of skilled artisans, modern glass crystal beads and strasses transform into masterpieces rivaling fine jewelry. Take, for instance, this headband inspired by baby’s breath. Wondering how to wear such a jeweled piece? Pair it with polished waves, adding a subtle touch of messy allure for a truly captivating look.


3. Beaded Beauty

Enhance a formal updo with this exquisite beaded band. Though thin, its intricate detailing and elegant shape elevate the entire hairstyle to new heights of sophistication.

Source: @raphaela_mrs.q_makeuphairnails

4. Girly Chic

Longing for a sweet, slightly naive aesthetic adored by many? Opt for a sizable bow. Headband hairstyles offer versatility, and we adore how retro this soft blue bow appears alongside thick bangs. The result? A delightfully girly and fun-loving look.

Source: @beauxoxo1

5. Ravishing Renaissance

Inject creativity into your headbands by incorporating large flowers. With faux blooms closely resembling the real deal, you can effortlessly achieve a stunning aesthetic suitable for fun photo shoots or making a hippie fashion statement on a night out.


6. Lovely Lace

Embrace the sweet simplicity of this elastic lace headband. Ultra-feminine and a refreshing departure from traditional fabrics, it effortlessly elevates a mundane ponytail or keeps bangs stylishly swept away from the forehead.


7. Emerald Envy

Exuding regal allure, this bejeweled headband demands attention. The vibrant green hue harmonizes beautifully with warm brown locks, making it an ideal accessory for prom or a unique bridal ensemble.


8. 20’s Inspired Hairstyle with a Headband

Revive the glamor of the 1920s with an elastic band worn across the forehead. This silvery headband adds a touch of elegance to any hairstyle, proving that vintage-inspired headband looks are timeless.


9. Delicate Flower Circle

Searching for a lovely wedding hair idea? Flower crowns remain a popular choice, particularly for younger brides aiming for a relaxed vibe. This tender floral headband complements hairstyles of any length with effortless grace.


10. Bold Statement

Harness the versatility of a bandana headband to tame long, heavy locks. The proportions of this large knotted bandana harmonize perfectly with voluminous dreadlocks, epitomizing cool, carefree style.


11. All Star Look

Elevate your style with this adorable star headband. The classic gold hue perfectly complements the sparkle in your eyes and your radiant smile, adding a touch of whimsy to any hairstyle.


12. Roaring Twenties

Craft your own delicate lace headband effortlessly. With just a strip of ivory lace, a fabric flower, and some feathers, you can create a DIY hairpiece that steals the show. Perfect for prom or paired with a 1920s-inspired updo, it promises to make a memorable statement.


13. Golden Lady

Make a bold style statement with a golden leafed laurel headband. Simple yet powerful, it adds a unique touch to any hairstyle, especially when matched to your hair color for a cohesive look.


14. Marine Style

Embrace nautical charm with a cute bow headband featuring blue and white stripes and bright red anchors. Perfect for adding a playful touch to casual hairstyles on sunny summer days.

Source: @beauxoxo1

15. Pom Pom Fun

Inject some fun into your look with a cherry-red hairstyle adorned with yarn pom pom balls. The playful contrast of light blue against merlot-colored hair strands adds an element of whimsy to your ensemble.

Source: @beauxoxo1

16. Warm Wrap

Combat the chill with a cozy knit headband perfect for colder months. Whether hitting the slopes or sipping coffee at a local cafe, this knitted band offers warmth without sacrificing style.


17. Geometric Printed

Keep it casual with a simple ribbon-like headband adorned with colorful diamonds. The playful design adds a touch of whimsy to solid dark hair colors, effortlessly blending in for a chic yet relaxed look.


18. Fit to be Tied

Elevate your afro puff with a cool fabric headband featuring a simple knot. Shifted to one side, it adds an adorable touch to your hairstyle, ensuring you look fabulous all day long.


19. Winter Wear

Stay stylish year-round with a knitted cozy headband, perfect for colder months. Pair this mustard-colored bow with textured hair for a practical yet beautiful hairstyle on chilly days.


20. Nicely Knotted

Make a statement with a bold-colored, double-knotted headband that steals the spotlight. With its eye-catching design, it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

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