20 Ageless Hair Colors for Women Over 50

For a stunning lady over fifty, it can be tough to detect the external signs of aging while your youthful spirit remains intact. Whether you have a few gray hairs or have gone completely silver, it can be difficult to choose a hair color for women over 50 that welcomes your new stage of life while also highlighting your timeless style.

If you’ve reached the conclusion of your search and found nothing that truly appeals to you, don’t give up hope. We’ve compiled a list of twenty tints you may bring with you to your next salon appointment.

1. Bronzey Chocolate Hair Color

When aiming for the perfect hair color at 50, comfort is key. While some may desire to revert to their natural hue, maintaining it can be challenging, especially for brunettes. Opting for a bronze shade can provide a flattering warmth to your complexion, particularly if you’re open to regular root touch-ups.

Source: @elainedoes_hair

2. Black-Gray Style with Silver Balayage

As one embraces aging, accepting changes like graying hair may not come easily. However, a modern gray balayage, blending natural grays with box dye, offers a contemporary hairstyle that you can confidently flaunt.

Source: @michelle.eileen.hair

3. Youthful Bright Blonde with Darkened Roots

Blonde remains a popular choice among older women. A low-contrast dye job allows for longer intervals between color appointments as gray hair grows in. Selecting the right undertone is crucial for ensuring this color complements your overall look.

Source: @chekatilda

4. Neutral Bronde with Warm-Toned Highlights

Balayage isn’t reserved for younger individuals; it can be equally stunning for women over 50. Exploring a variety of inspirational images can help ensure your stylist delivers results that meet your satisfaction.

Source: @rosemarymonicahair

5. Perky Inverted Bob with Icy Blonde Babylights

An inverted cut pairs well with youthful highlights, with babylights offering subtle dimension and definition. Choosing a shade that enhances your skin tone is key to achieving a flattering look.

Source: @tst_with_refined

6. Bright Copper Layered Bob Over 50

When selecting the best hair color for those over 50, consider the amount of white hair and your original shade. Red hair can beautifully complement natural medium brown hair, especially when paired with green or blue eyes, adding brightness and vibrancy.

Source: @daniellestyleshair

7. Sparkly Champagne Pixie Cut

Blonde hair complements fair skin and blue eyes effortlessly. When opting for a shade for pale skin tones, it’s important to consider your skin’s undertone. This brightened blonde incorporates warm honey roots and cool white highlights, flattering cool-toned skin and imparting an anti-aging effect.

Source: @hairdesignsbydanielle

8. Caramel Bronde Pixie Bob for Fine Hair

A well-blended bronde hue suits all skin tones, combining warm and cool shades like caramel and ash blonde. This modern approach to coloring offers versatility and sophistication.

9. Strawberry Blonde and White

Layered hairstyles and expert styling can elevate your look at any age. The combination of caramel blonde and white creates a warm, sun-kissed glow that exudes vibrancy and vitality.

Source: @rachelwstylist

10. Long Chocolate Shag with Side Bangs

Many older women opt for shorter hairstyles for ease of maintenance. However, maintaining length is still possible with proper hair care routines that focus on replenishing lost moisture and lipids, promoting overall hair health.

Source: @motherofcurls

11. Ashy Gray-Brown Lob with a Fringe

Hair color and styles for women over 50 should be tailored to individual preferences and characteristics. Requesting a lob with face-framing layers adds youthful energy to your hairstyle, enhancing its overall appeal.

Source: @salon.fresh

12. Layered Crimson Pixie for Mature Women

Embracing a punk-inspired vibe can infuse your look with sass and personality, regardless of age. An uneven tapered pixie cut paired with a bold color choice creates a modern and dynamic aesthetic.

Source: @johnlima2

13. Rich Brown Bob with Subtle Babylights

Gray hair can sometimes appear lackluster. Opting for a rich, saturated color helps maintain a youthful appearance, while sulfate-free hair care products can prevent color fading, preserving your vibrant look.

Source: @willowsalonmn

14. Gray Blonde Balayage Bob

Adding dimension to hair color creates a youthful and sophisticated look. Choosing a color similar to your natural gray can minimize maintenance while still offering a stylish and contemporary appearance.

Source: @kristaschlag

15. Cocoa Base with Maroon and Gold Highlights

Incorporating interesting hues into your hair color can add depth and dimension. Selecting colors that complement your skin tone ensures a harmonious and flattering overall look.

Source: @hairbellasalon

16. Dimensional Bronde Balayage Pixie

Transitioning from brunette to blonde can be challenging for hair health. Opting for a darker base with brighter highlights minimizes damage while achieving a lighter overall look.

Source: @thehairphix

17. Rusty Shaggy Pixie for Over 50

Embracing a bright and bold color choice can revitalize your look, especially if you have naturally vibrant hair. Consulting with a professional stylist ensures you find the perfect shade to suit your personality and style.

Source: @parloursaloninc

18. Gray Blonde Bob with Golden and Silver Sheen

Silver hair is a trend embraced by women of all ages. For brunettes, achieving this look may require bleaching sessions followed by silver dye application. Adding highlights and lowlights to gray hair adds dimension and sophistication.

Source: @esther_hairtamer

19. Piece-y Bright White Pixie Bob

While finding the perfect haircut is important, don’t overlook the impact of hair color. Modern metallic blonde shades offer stunning options for those over 50, allowing you to embrace your natural gray or explore new hues.

Source: @shaun.hair

20. Voluminous Gray Pixie with Lavender Accent

Adding a pop of pastel or neon color to your hairstyle can showcase your individuality and creativity. Whether it’s a subtle accent or a bold statement, experimenting with color can breathe new life into your look.

Source: @malinbardlund
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