Sew Hot: 40 Gorgeous Sew-In Hairstyles

One of the best things about hair and the different styles you can make with it is that you don’t have to have the length, thickness, and texture of your desires to attain a specific look. This roundup focuses on the beauty, utility, and variety of hair extensions, specifically sew-ins.

If you’re not familiar with the term “sew-in weave,” it refers to hair extensions that are sewed to your current hair. Your hair is braided down in a certain pattern (based on the desired style), and the hair extensions are fastened to the braids. 

You can sew directly on the braid or use a net to thread through it. It is sometimes recommended to leave some of your hair out at the front, top, or sides of the sew-in for a more genuine appearance. So, if you want to try a new hairstyle but don’t have the appropriate length or thickness, try trying some of the great sew-in hairstyles from this list. They are SEW HOT!!

1. Long Curly Weave Style

The middle part sewn in gives the garment a delicate, feminine appearance. The idea is to choose curls and waves that are perfectly imperfect. To style, use a large barrel curling iron and separate the curls with your fingertips. Next, tease and brush a few parts at random.


2. Straight Sew In with Layers

Sew-ins are compatible with a wide range of haircuts. This trendy lob is spot on—asymmetrical, razored layers with a deep side part. To style it, blow dry the flat side downward with a flat brush, but use a round brush to blow out the full side.


3. Curly Sew-In with Blonde Ombre

African American ladies want voluminous, yet natural-looking sew-ins. Such like the one shown in the picture. These huge blonde curls are stunning, yet incredibly realistic.


4. Long Caramel Hair

Long hairstyles for black ladies look stunning in warm tones like caramel and honey blonde. To keep it current and fresh, show off the dark roots. Make careful to observe how your hairdresser handles the newborn hairs in the front so you can replicate it on wash days.


5. Angled Bob with Balayage

Achieving a beautiful texture with a short and adaptable sew-in is quite simple. This wavy balayage hairstyle is bob-length with loads of structure from the chunky waves.


6. Short Layered Sew-In

Short, sweet, and properly trimmed, this edgy pixie bob demonstrates how fierce a short hair sew-in can be, especially when tastefully layered.


7. A-Line Bob with Highlights

The appropriate hair color procedure can transform your hairstyle. Here’s a lovely bob sew-in that gets a lift from the caramel brown highlights that are placed throughout the black hair.


8. Natural Looking Sew Ins

For a full head of sew ins that looks natural, use short or medium length hair. Especially since lobs are popular right now, you have one more reason to look fashionable while spending less on maintenance. When styling, pay special attention to the natural hair around the hairline.


9. Full Curly Sew In

Tight curls are ideal for a full head of sew-ins with plenty of volume. This sew-in weave is almost entirely one length, adding a lot of fullness to the look. To keep your curls defined, spritz them with conditioning spray every other day.


10. Curly Burgundy Sew In Style

This curly sew in is very nice. The raspberry tint is really appealing in this color, and it will give a lot of individuality to your everyday look. The huge, supple, sexy waves are too lovely to be true, but they appear real and exquisite.


11. Voluminous Side-Swept Weave

We adore this stunning burgundy hairdo with its dramatic curls and even more dramatic bang, which will make you appear like an absolute diva in photos and in person. To produce the magic bouncy effect, curl the hair from the mid-shaft to the ends with a one-inch curling iron.

Source: @hairartbydominique

12. Long Chocolate Curls

Not all sew-in hairstyles resemble sew-ins. When the work is done professionally, the hair looks natural and attractive. Gentle highlights and swoopy bangs add to the style’s effortlessness.

Source: @the_rose_affect

13. Ringlets with a Pompadour

The pompadour draws the attention upwards and eventually leans everything out, making the face appear slimmer. Combine it with tight, zigzag ringlets to create a stunning hairdo that is wonderfully voluminous but not heavy.

Source: @thehairicon

14. Blonde Hair Sewn In

Do blonde girls really have more fun? While there is no correct answer to that issue, there is no damage in switching to brighter colors, even briefly. Choose a seductive asymmetrical bob with bangs as a shape that will highlight your new color and feel comfortable to wear.

Source: hairartbydominique

15. Ombre Sewn-In Style

What’s the nicest part about sew-ins? They’re quite adaptable, capable of wearing a wide range of fun, flirtatious looks, including this beautiful ombre with XXL curls. The more dramatic your side part, the more prominent (and appealing) your long swoopy bangs will be.

Source: @foreignbeautyinc

16. Purple Sewed Style

The stylish purple ombre that develops lighter and brighter towards the ends of the strands takes center stage in this black sew-in style. Wrap your hair lightly around a no-clamp one-inch curling iron to achieve classic beachy waves and highlight the ribbons of color.

Source: @matt_campbll

17. Curly Black Extensions

If you want to give your natural curly hair a break and flaunt immaculate bouncy layers for a time, extensions are an easy method to achieve an envied mane whenever you choose. This look is elegant, beautiful, and practically red carpet ready.

Source: @the_rose_affect

18. Natural-Looking Sew-In Style

This wavy sew-in is an easy style for any season and looks anything but phony. Full layers with thinning ends look stunning in free-flowing hairstyles with luscious waves strewn across your shoulders.

Source: @matt_campbll

19. A-Line Weave

A lovely A-line bob is a boon for a busy woman who wants to look elegant after 5 hours on a date, meeting friends, or going shopping. With a good sew-in bob, you can look great both day and night in any circumstance.

Source: @hairgasmstl

20. Full Weave with Long Curls

A bright fuchsia accent on a full head sew-in is virtually built for a night out with the gals, as @hair_rajukuken demonstrates. Using a large 1 ½” curling iron, flip your layers outward for tiered swoops that graduate to loose curls for longer strands.

Source: @hair_rajukuken

21. Wavy Middle-Part Style

The best aspect about sew-in styles is the option to experiment with a wide range of colors and textures. Consider highlighting or utilizing the balayage technique to color your middle part weave, and don’t be afraid to experiment with colors you wouldn’t normally pair together. It works if you want to match an abnormal hair color to your skin tone.

Source: @robelgetatchew

22. Blonde Bob Weave

Blonde bobs are a fun way to change up your daily hairstyle. There is no reason to have a sad hairdo when growing out your natural hair. Life’s too short to be boring!

Source: @keena360

23. Big Bangs with Short Layers

It is typical to see long, voluptuous sew-in hair. However, weaves may also have a much edgier, rocker-chic look, as seen in this adorable medium ‘do with deeply split bangs and shorter, choppier layers. Curl the bangs but keep the rest of the hair straight.

Source: @mermaid_ney

24. Sleek Extensions with Bangs

Curls are dazzling and flirtatious, but a long, straight sew-in weave is just stunning. Straight blunt bangs are less popular with sew-ins, but they can appear stylish when they complement your face shape.

Source: @foreignbeautyinc

25. Black Layered Bob

This bob by @bleustyles is versatile in two ways: it can be dressed up for a night out while also looking polished and professional for work. The huge, sparkling, swoopy waves are simply fantastic!

Source: @bleustyles

26. Ombre Sewn-In Hair

Middle part hair looks fantastic with ombre or root fade; this can attract attention to your eyes or highlight your high cheekbones. Straight or curled, a long sew in will make you feel more feminine and lovely.

Source: @teandredastylist

27. Extra Curly Extensions

Curly sew in extensions are a simple (and healthy) way to achieve long ringlets every day. However, if you are not diligent with your maintenance, things can get a little out of control. Use sulfate-free shampoo and styling products, as well as a wide-tooth comb.

Source: @the_jacobyb

28. Long Blunt Bob

This haircut is simple, trendy, and sharp. Although weaves are not your natural hair, they nonetheless require sensitive loving care. Use a heat tamer spray and a smoothing product to make your style last as long as feasible.

Source: @getporschd

29. Angled Side-Parted Bob

A smooth, angled sew-in bob is suitable for both formal and casual wear. It’s also extremely flattering on most facial shapes due to its slimming impact and edgy appearance.

Source: @shivonnejxperience

30. Chunky Ringlets Sewn In

If you are unable to grow your hair long, weaves and extensions are an excellent approach to do the impossible. You can use hot tools to style your hair and experiment with different colors without hurting your own strands.

Source: @keena360

31. Glamorous Side Part Sew In

This stunning hairdo will have you channeling Old Hollywood glamor. Diamond earrings and scarlet lipstick for the win! Before you begin, tell your hairstylist which side you want your hair parted on, so she (or he) can stitch the hair in correctly.


32. Golden Highlights Weave

Sew in hairstyles let you to experiment with new, colorful hair colors that reflect your individual style. You may also experiment with new textures – poker straight layered hair with arching bangs is a terrific option for those who wish to switch up from curls.


33. Punky Partial Sew In

When it comes to choosing your next style, one thing is certain: photos can help. They assist you in determining your style preferences and communicating them to your stylist. This stylish platinum bang (along with an undercut) makes for a stunning partial sew-in.


34. Razored Pink Weave

Well-blended layers are required for stunning sew-in styles. Ask your stylist for a thorough shave. The razoring process will remove excess weight and give your cut a flawless profile. The color mix in the highlights is great.


35. Middle Part Sew In Style

If your top layers are medium length, you can try the Kardashian-inspired center part haircut. Just ask for partial sew-ins to add length and volume to your curls. Interesting hues and highlights complement the curly texture.


36. Inverted Bob Sew In Style

This adorable style has an easy, carefree appeal. The razored ends, immaculate silhouette, and blue babylights ensure a one-of-a-kind look that you’ll enjoy wearing for a long time.


37. Funky Partial Sew In

We love asymmetry when done correctly, and this is functioning perfectly. The short hair on the side is neatly clipped around the ear, with a smooth and even length. The longer hair features lovely, flowing layers. Make sure the longest piece is in the front. So beautiful!


38. Full Sew Ins with Middle Part

While you still need to care your weave, the new hair requires less moisture than natural hair. A weave is a great protective hairdo that looks so wonderful that you can’t help but attempt it whenever you want to change up your look.

Source: @hairbychantellen

39. Medium Brown Sew-In

This sew-in lacks exciting elements or dramatic colors, but it appears extremely natural and charming, thanks in part to the lovely layers.


40. Voluminous and Curly Sew-In

This full head sew-in has long black hair that is voluminous, sensual, and camera-ready. Sew-in hairstyles like this, which feature a deep side part, swoop bang, and mountains of curls, will undoubtedly catch the eye.

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