15 Fabulous Long Hairstyles with Layers in the Front

For your hairstylist, a keyword used to describe a haircut might signify a million different things. Even while front layered hairstyles for long hair seem simple, they nonetheless have distinctive features that could draw you in.

How then do you go about getting the look you truly desire? Using inspiration photographs will help ensure that you and your hairstylist have the same vision. These 15 gorgeous long hairstyles with layers in the front are perfect to show off to your stylist, along with some insightful commentary on their key elements.

1. Long Hair with Curtain Bangs and Subtle Layers

Achieving a subtle layered effect, whether with or without curtain bangs, is all about finesse. When requesting this haircut, ask your stylist for long round layers primarily around the face. The shortest layer should gently kiss the bottom of your neck, imparting movement without the need for drastic layering.

Source: @goodtimeshair

2. Long Haircut with Framing Layers and Wispy Bangs

For those seeking a variation on front layered haircuts, consider adding wispy bangs and slightly shorter layering. Opt for round layers that create the most impact around the face while keeping the layering minimal towards the back. Shorter layers generate dynamic movement, especially when focused around the front.

Source: @goodtimeshair

3. Thick Long Hair with Heavy Layering in the Front

Embrace the boldness of heavy layering with this haircut, maintaining consistency in rounding back to the head. While still preserving length towards the back, this approach offers a more pronounced layered effect, perfect for those desiring a striking look.

Source: @goodtimeshair

4. Front Layers Toned Down Toward the Back

Precision is key in specifying layer distribution to your stylist, particularly concerning where you want the bulk of layering to reside. Adjusting layer length towards the back while retaining the desired front layering can tailor the haircut to your preferences.

Source: @goodtimeshair

5. Front Layered Cut for Long Curly Hair

Long layers aren’t exclusive to straight hair; they complement curls beautifully, as showcased here. With layers gradually elongating towards the back, this style enhances the uniform volume and shape of curly hair, particularly effective with rezo cut layers.

Source: @rezohaircare

6. Bold Framing Layers and Color

While the color scheme is attention-grabbing, the styling technique is equally noteworthy. Achieving bouncy volume akin to this look often involves investing in Velcro rollers and ensuring clear communication with your stylist regarding desired styling outcomes.

Source: @caitlintyczka

7. Shag Inspired Front Layered Haircut

This hairstyle straddles the line between face-framing layers and a shag cut, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and reference imagery during consultations. Clarifying stylistic preferences ensures alignment between your vision and the final result.

Source: @hairbycarmenamelia

8. Dramatic Front Layers with Color Blocking

Complementing bangs with dramatic layers enhances visual movement, drawing attention to facial features. The striking color combination further elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of this haircut.

Source: @caitlintyczka

9. Layered Cut for Long Corkscrew Curls

Layering plays a pivotal role in shaping curly hair, preventing it from appearing overly bulky or triangular in shape. Opting for round layering imparts movement and volume, ensuring curls maintain a defined and flattering silhouette.

Source: @treasurenohemi

10. Face Framing Layers with Natural Wave Styling

A sweeping face frame like this accentuates facial features, with soft layering strategically concentrated around the face. This styling approach opens up the face while maintaining a natural and effortlessly chic appearance.

Source: @jisu_sunny

11. Long Layers from Front to Back

Despite framing the face, this layered cut maintains consistent layering from front to back, underscoring the importance of clear communication during consultations. Reference photos aid in ensuring stylistic expectations align between you and your stylist.

Source: @ambellish_salon

12. Effortless Front Layered Haircut for Long Hair

Not all layered haircuts require extensive styling; opting for a textured, effortless look can streamline your styling routine without compromising on aesthetics. This low-maintenance approach retains the charm of front layers while offering ease and versatility.

Source: @marisacuts

13. Subtle Long Face Framing Layers

For a relaxed yet polished look, consider incorporating subtle face-framing layers into your long layered cut. This styling choice exudes softness and elegance, ideal for those seeking a understated yet refined appearance.

Source: @goodtimeshair

14. Long Layered Haircut with Beach Wave Styling

Styling versatility allows for diverse interpretations of similar haircuts; while the front layers remain consistent, styling techniques can transform the overall aesthetic. Embrace the beachy wave for a laid-back yet sophisticated vibe.

Source: @marisacuts

15. Long Haircut with Bangs and Beachy Layers

Introducing bangs can drastically alter the perception of a haircut, as demonstrated here. Adding bangs to a haircut with beachy layers imparts a fresh and dynamic dimension, offering a distinctively different yet equally appealing look.

Source: @marisacuts
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