20 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair to Do in Less Than 5 Minutes

Despite the abundance of attractive long hairstyles, your daily ritual may be overly complicated or burdensome. After all, styling and maintaining long hair requires more time and work.

But did you know there are a few quick and simple ways to achieve a trendy haircut for long hair? Just look at these 20 simple hairstyles for long hair from top stylists and hair bloggers. We are sure you would like to carry these in your back pocket!

1. Effortless and Secure Low Bun

Source: @shaunaelizabethhair

Looking for a quick fix hairstyle? The low bun is your answer. Not only is it simple to create, but it’s also a timeless and sophisticated look for long hair. Worried about it staying intact? Here’s a trick to ensure its stability.

Begin by parting your hair in the center or to the side, then gather it into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure it with a hair tie, divide the ponytail into two sections, and twist them around each other. This twist adds a touch of elegance and provides extra security, especially for thick hair. Finish by securing the end with another hair tie, twist the ponytail into a bun, secure it with bobby pins, and embellish with accessories for a polished finish.

2. Quick and Stylish Updo with a U Pin

Source: @the_minimal_hair

Looking for effortless hairstyles for long hair? The Minimal Hair tutorials have got you covered with their clever tips to ensure your 5-minute hairstyle stays put all day long.

Gather your hair at the back and twist it into a bun. Insert a U pin into the top center of the twist, make a half twist, and insert the ends again, securing the U pin down the center. Pull out some front layers for a finishing touch, and you’re all set with a stylish updo.

3. Simple Updo for Straight Long Hair

Source: @pauljoneshair

Creating show-stopping hairstyles for long hair doesn’t have to be complicated. Paul Jones offers up a handful of tricks, including this chic chignon bun, perfect for styling long, thick hair effortlessly.

Gather your hair into two low ponytails at the back, twist them, and secure with small elastics at the ends. Bring both ends up and secure them under the elastics of each ponytail base. Cross one twist through the loop of the other and secure with hairpins for a stunning chignon bun.

4. Dual Topsy Tails at the Crown

Source: @alexamcmanaman

Elevate your hairstyle with a trendy twist: two topsy tails at the crown! This playful half up half down look keeps your hair off your face while maintaining the allure of long locks.

Create two ponytails at the crown, leaving out front face-framing pieces. Transform these into topsy tails by looping each ponytail through a hole underneath its base. The result? A charming hairstyle that exudes effortless elegance.

5. Effortless Chignon

Source: @hair_by_mer

A chignon is a timeless hairstyle that oozes grace and sophistication. Perfect for any occasion, this simple yet stunning updo can be achieved in just a few minutes.

Brush your hair, create a center part, and gather it into a low ponytail at the back. Secure with an elastic and create a hole on the side of the ponytail. Pull the hair through, secure with elastic bands, twist, and secure with bobby pins for an elegant chignon.

6. Faux French Side Braid

Source: @jbraidsandbows

Embrace the charm of a side French braid with this easy faux braid tutorial. Achieve a beautiful style for long hair in minutes, no advanced skills required!

Start with side-swept hair, gather a chunk near the crown, and create a faux braid by looping the ponytail through successive holes. Finish with a loose braid for a chic look, perfect for any occasion.

7. Elegant Half Up Half Down with Twists

Source: @kirstenzellers

For a composed yet stylish look, opt for this elegant half up half down hairstyle. With a simple twist, you can elevate your long locks effortlessly.

Brush your hair back, section off two strands from each side, and create ponytails. Twist the strands into loops for an elegant finish that accentuates your balayage color beautifully.

8. Chic Updo with Kell Grace Bobby Pins Hack

Source: @kellgrace

Achieve voluminous sophistication in minutes with this fabulous updo by Kell Grace. With her signature bobby pin technique, you can add body to your hair without the need for curls or waves.

Pull your hair back for a half up half down style, create a small bouffant at the base, and begin looping random sections with bobby pins to form elegant loops. Finish with face-framing pieces for added charm.

9. Heatless Curls

Source: @fraya.beauty

Get the look of flowy waves without the hassle of heat styling with this quick and easy technique. Perfect for busy mornings or when you’re on the go!

Wrap damp hair around large rollers and allow it to air dry. Conceal volume clips under the top strands for added volume, and enjoy your effortlessly chic curls.

10. Curly Low Ponytail

Source: @amanda__guido

Whether your hair is naturally curly or straight, this curly low ponytail is a versatile and stylish option. Achieve the look with ease, ensuring your ponytail stays in place all day long.

Secure your hair into a low ponytail at the back, leaving out two front sections. Braid or twist these sections and tie them together under your chin. Twist once more and loop the ponytail through for a secure base.

11. Messy Bun with a Middle Part

Source: @jbraidsandbows

Give the classic messy bun a trendy twist with a middle part. This playful look is perfect for days when you want your hair off your face but still crave a touch of sophistication.

Create a sleek middle part and gather your hair into a messy bun, wrapping sections around the base and securing with bobby pins. Effortlessly chic, this style is sure to turn heads.

12. Low Pigtails with Braided Base

Source: @kirstenzellers

For an interesting and charming style, opt for low pigtails with a braided base. This easy yet eye-catching look adds a playful touch to your long hair.

Create a center part and gather your hair into two low pigtails. Braid each ponytail, securing with invisible elastics, and leave out face-framing bangs for a carefree vibe.

13. Center Braid and Bun

Source: @hairbysaretta

Enhance your messy bun with a touch of elegance with this center braid and bun hairstyle. Perfect for any occasion, this style exudes sophistication and charm.

Part your hair into three sections, create a French braid from the central section, and blend the remaining hair into a messy bun. Effortlessly chic, this style is sure to impress.

14. Voluminous Updo for Straight Hair

Source: @kellgrace

Give your straight hair a boost with this voluminous updo. Achieve the look of curls and waves without heat styling, perfect for dressing up any occasion.

Twist sections of hair from your parting, pulling out strands for added volume, and secure with bobby pins. Gather the hair at the nape of your neck and pull into a knot for a chic finish.

15. Retro Flicky Ponytail

Source: @shaunaelizabethhair

Channel retro vibes with this flicky ponytail hairstyle. Achieve sleek and chic flipped ends for a look that’s both timeless and trendy.

Create a deep side part and a ponytail at the top of your head. Use one strand to conceal the ponytail and flip the ends with a straightener. Sleek the front piece to the side and pin at the back for a flawless finish.

16. One Minute Curly Ponytail

Source: @alexandra_nx

Show off your natural hair with this one-minute curly ponytail. Achieve a protective style that’s both quick and stylish, perfect for showcasing your beautiful curls.

Create a center part and pull your hair into a ponytail, coiling it into a bun. Secure a ponytail extension on top for added volume and style as desired.

17. Effortless Messy Knot

Source: @pauljoneshair

Enhance your look with this simple and sweet messy knot bun. Add texture and charm to your hair with this easy-to-create style that’s sure to elevate your overall look.

Divide your hair into four sections, twist each section loosely, and secure around the base. Perfect for adding texture to your hair, this style is ideal for any occasion.

18. Bubble Ponytail

Source: @kirstenzellers

Add a playful touch to your hairstyle with this trendy bubble ponytail. Achieve this intricate look in minutes, perfect for second or third-day hair.

Start with a regular ponytail and place elastics down the length of your hair, tugging the hair to create bubbles. Ideal for curly or wavy hair, this style is versatile and fun.

19. Simple Bun with a U Pin

Source: @the_minimal_hair

Opt for a minimalist bun with this elegant hairstyle. Create a graceful look without the need for bobby pins, using a large U pin for added security.

Pull your hair into a low bun at the back and insert the U pin from the right side. Tug at the hair to add volume, and you’re ready to go with a chic low bun.

20. Hairstyle with a Scarf

Source: @amanda__guido

Elevate your look with a stylish scarf hairstyle. Create volume and flair with this simple yet eye-catching style, perfect for any occasion.

Pull your hair into a low ponytail, leaving out strands on both sides. Braid the side strands and join them with an elastic band. Tie a printed scarf over the ponytail, creating a knot or bow for added charm. Flaunt this stylish look with confidence, whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair.

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