15 Diverse Hairstyles for Long Natural Hair

Naturalness is the dominant hair style in 2024, so why not take advantage of natural hair’s distinctive texture and wonderful volume? Here are some of the most trendy haircuts and hairstyles for kinky coils. Read on!

1. Layered Haircut For Long Curls

Tending to natural curls in pursuit of length can feel like an arduous journey. Despite their actual length, curly hair often appears shorter due to its coiled nature. However, a well-executed haircut can offer a solution, shaping curls into a stunning silhouette. Take inspiration from Kelly Rowland’s layered haircut, a testament to the beauty of natural curls.

2. Tree Braids And Shoulder-Length Kinky Waves

Jill Scott’s choice of tree braids not only extends her natural curls but also allows for intricate styling along the hairline. This technique yields a versatile hairstyle suitable for everyday wear or adorned with elegant accessories for evening flair.

3. Low Pony From Box Braids

Keri Hilson’s style versatility shines through her experimentation with various hair colors, textures, and lengths. Among her memorable looks is the statement-making below-the-waist box braids showcased at the “Riddick” L.A. premiere.

4. Voluminous Hairstyle For Long Natural Hair

Yaya Da Costa effortlessly flaunts combed natural hair, resembling a soft, voluminous cloud framing her face. Optimal combing techniques, like starting on 80% dry hair, minimize the risk of breakage, enhancing the beauty of natural locks.

5. Sophisticated Updo From Thin Box Braids

Amber Riley seamlessly transitions between relaxed styles and protective updos for length retention. Her chic updo from thin box braids complements her attire, offering a stylish and enduring protective hairstyle.

6. Distinct Curls And A Braided Headband

Oprah Winfrey elevates her lush black curls with a braided headband, achieving a cool and voluminous curly hairstyle. This accessory not only adds flair but also gently lifts the curls away from the face for a flattering look.

7. Long Curly Pony

Ashanti masterfully blends sleekness with fluffy curls in a long ponytail, showcasing a captivating contrast of textures. Whether natural or enhanced, her ponytail exudes effortless elegance.

8. Long Natural Hair Style With An Asymmetric Twist

Corinne Bailey Rae exudes charm with her long natural curls styled in trendy asymmetrical fashion. A simple sweep to one side creates a cute yet refined look, emphasizing her delicate features.

9. Sexy Curly Updo

Jada Pinkett Smith accentuates her facial features and neckline with a flirtatious curly updo. The high ponytail, adorned with wispy ends and a braided headband, exudes sophistication and playfulness.

10. Two-Tone Ponytail Idea For Long Natural Black Hair

Jordin Sparks adds a touch of flair to her long natural curls with a two-tone ponytail, showcasing a blend of light and dark tones. This subtle yet impactful variation enhances the allure of her trendy hairstyle.

11. Eccentric Two Peaks Updo

Shingai Shoniwa embraces eccentricity with her daring updo hairstyles for natural hair. From voluminous bow-ties to towering braided buns, her bold choices leave a lasting impression, inspiring others to embrace their uniqueness.

12. Rounded Haircut For Black Hair

Lillie McCloud epitomizes chic with her rounded haircut, creating a captivating cloud-like silhouette. Despite reservations about volume, this style harmonizes beautifully with many African American features.

13. One Level Haircut For Long Natural Hair

Solange Knowles effortlessly rocks a one-level haircut, accentuating her long kinks with oversized menswear. Despite the voluminous ends, this style adds appeal and individuality to her look.

14. Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut For Natural Kinks

Garcelle Beauvais showcases her style prowess with a layered shoulder-length haircut, perfectly complementing her natural curls. This versatile style highlights her figure while embracing her curly texture.

15. Black And Golden Brown Layered Spirals

Beyoncé elevates her curly mane with layers and a harmonious blend of black and golden brown hues. This long hairstyle offers versatility, effortlessly transitioning between casual and glamorous looks.

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