30 Exceptionally Stylish Curly Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Medium-length natural curls, short perm hairstyles, and a variety of curly bob cuts are all current trends that look excellent on elderly women. This post contains the 30 most lovely curly hairstyles for ladies over 50. Feel free to save one of these stunning alternatives as a reference for your new snappy style and work with your hairstylist to bring it to life.

1. Messy Blonde Curls for Older Women

Embrace the natural allure of your curly hair with this stunning hairstyle. Simply diffuse your locks after applying a mousse or styling product to achieve airy, voluminous curls that exude effortless beauty.

Source: @romeufelipe

2. Short Curly Hairstyle for Gray Hair

Achieving beautifully groomed curls is all about moisture. Invest in the right hair care products to keep your naturally curly hair looking salon-fresh, showcasing the elegance of gray curls with confidence.

Source: @brunodantte

3. Natural Curls for Thinning Hair

Medium curly haircuts offer a perfect balance for those seeking a manageable yet stylish option. Embrace your natural wave texture for a look that’s both effortless and dimensional, ideal for navigating your 60s with grace.

Source: @salsalhair

4. Sun-Kissed Curly Bob for Mature Women

Step into your 50s with flair with this stunning medium curly hairstyle. Highlights and bangs inject volume into loose curls, infusing your style with playful energy while concealing silver strands with a golden blonde hue.

Source: @novaperruquers

5. Charming Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Embrace the beauty of aging with elegance and confidence. Showcase your grace with an elegant bob adorned with voluminous gray curls, celebrating your journey with sophistication and style.

Source: @silvershug

6. Asymmetrical Bob with Tight Curls

Elevate your look with an asymmetrical bob, a modern twist on a classic style. Defined curls add volume and character, offering a chic alternative for women over 50 with curly hair.

Source: @melissar_curlcolorist

7. Playful Curly Pixie Bob

Inject a touch of sassiness into your style with a short curly hairstyle featuring tousled crown and voluminous back. Embrace the texture of your curls and revel in the joy they bring to your everyday look.

Source: @aoki_hair

8. Messy Highlighted Pixie Bob

Unleash your wild side with this edgy curly haircut. Brightening teasylights and messy styling create a bold and trendy look that perfectly complements the natural texture of your curls.

Source: @vancityhairgirl

9. Curly Inverted Bob for Blondes

Discover the fullness and depth that curls and layers can bring to your hair. Opt for mesmerizing curly hairstyles that not only flatter your face but also accentuate your unique features with flair.

Source: @hairbrainedhaley

10. Cute Bob Cut for Naturally Curly Hair

Elevate your fine hair with a rounded bob adorned with soft curls. Enhance your brown strands with balayage highlights for a radiant and luminous look that enhances your natural beauty.

Source: @brunodantte

11. Beach Wave Perm for Over 50

Embrace the magic of white hair with a modern perm and layered cut. Maintain fullness and flexibility in your curly mane with a medium-length style that exudes timeless elegance.

Source: @beautiful_by_natalie

12. Long Thick Curly Hair

Radiate vitality with delightful curly locks in rich toffee tones. Opt for side-parted styling and front layers to add dimension and frame your face, enhancing your natural beauty with effortless charm.

Source: @curlssbyylexx

13. Long Curly Hair Style for Graying Locks

Transition gracefully to gray with a chic shag cut that celebrates the beauty of aging. Embrace your grombre color with confidence, showcasing the unique allure of your curly locks.

Source: @victoria.hairart

14. Charismatic Curly French Bob

Combine sophistication with charm with a French bob adorned with big messy curls and thick baby bangs. Embrace the platinum blonde hue for a striking and stylish look that turns heads.

Source: @midtowncurls

15. Natural-Looking Perm

Transform flat hair into a dimensional masterpiece with a permed bob. Opt for a bright copper shade to accentuate your new permed strands, adding depth and vibrancy to your look.

Source: @graceandaging

16. Asymmetric Cut for Black Women

Embrace the allure of asymmetry with a simple yet fascinating cut for your coily hair. Elevate your twist-out ringlets with an asymmetric style that adds flair and personality to your look.

Source: @haircolorkilla

17. Inspiring Curly Gray Hair Transformation

Revitalize long porous curls with a layered bob that streamlines your styling routine. Enjoy effortless elegance with an ash blonde hue and bangs that frame your face with grace.

Source: @rentedhair

18. Middle-Length Curls with Curly Bangs

Tame unruly curls with a layered haircut and proper styling. Moisturize your curls to achieve a neater appearance, enhancing your natural beauty with a chic and manageable hairstyle.

Source: @acapella_hair

19. Ear-Length Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

Opt for a perfect haircut to tame messy curly hair. This short curly bob retains its beauty as it grows, requiring minimal maintenance while exuding effortless style and charm.

Source: @rocolbeautystudio

20. Salt and Pepper Curly Hair

Transform thin hair with a layered bob adorned with gray blended with white highlights. Achieve a dimensional look that adds volume and depth, perfect for women over 50 seeking a stylish and versatile hairstyle.

Source: @motherofcurlspasadena

21. Long Layered Haircut for Curly Locks

Elevate your look with defined curls and layers that exude sophistication. Pair this style with bangs to add volume to your blonde locks, enhancing your natural beauty with effortless elegance.

Source: @esther_fuste_personalstylist

22. Permed Soft Waves for Older Women

Discover effortless style with a perm that enhances texture and thickness. Opt for a side-parted curly lob for a chic and timeless look that complements your active lifestyle.

Source: @moisturesalon

23. Short Permed Bob Hairstyle

Simplify your styling routine with a short permed hairstyle that requires minimal effort. Sweep it to the side to accentuate your facial features, embracing a look that’s both chic and low-maintenance.

Source: @danieloliveirahairstylist

24. Voluminous Short Curly Hair

Achieve a cute and carefree look with a bob style that celebrates your curls. Enhance your natural or permed curls with mousse for a defined pattern that exudes effortless charm.

Source: @kindredcurlsalon

25. Lovely Soft Curls for Senior Ladies

Add dimension to flat hair with beach wave perms and layers. Opt for a middle parting to create a style that’s both sophisticated and textured, perfect for showcasing your vibrant personality.

Source: @growsalongtx

26. Mid-Length Shaggy Cut for Curly Hair

Revitalize your look with a stylish shaggy hairstyle that defies age. Feathered bangs and choppy layers add a youthful touch, accentuating your features with softness and elegance.

Source: @sololaspuntasok

27. Stunning Caramel Curls for Medium Hair

Infuse summer vibes into your look with golden brown curls cascading effortlessly. Ideal for thick curly hair, this hairstyle adds warmth and dimension, enhancing your natural beauty with a touch of glamor.

Source: @acapella_hair

28. Natural Curly Locks for Round Faces

Opt for a neck-length curly bob to flatter your round face. Classy and elegant, this hairstyle accentuates your femininity while providing versatility for any occasion.

Source: @anna_midtowncurls

29. Dark Brown Curly Hair with Balayage

Explore the versatility of shoulder-length hair with balayage highlights. Define your curls with a leave-in conditioner for a polished look that exudes sophistication and style.

Source: @rocolbeautystudio

30. Flattering Gray Curly Hairstyle

Embrace your gray with confidence with a stylish short haircut featuring messy curls. Experiment with your style in your 60s, showcasing your personality with flair and elegance.

Source: @jhonyveiga
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