30 Cute Styles Featuring Curly Hair with Bangs

There is a widespread myth about curly hair that has misled many women: that those with curly hair should avoid wearing bangs. However, this is simply not true! In fact, curly hair with bangs can look incredibly cute and feminine. 

It has even become a major trend, as adding bangs can soften your appearance and make your hairstyle more stylish. To provide you with solid proof, below you will find a collection of inspiring looks showcasing how to wear curly hair with bangs. Take a look and gather new creative ideas for yourself.

1. Romantic Curly Hair with Bangs

The short curly bob hairstyle is an ideal choice for those with naturally curly hair. It features slightly longer bangs that gracefully sweep over the eyebrows, adding a touch of elegance. This versatile look is perfect for various occasions, whether it’s a glamorous red carpet event, a relaxing day at the beach, or a romantic dinner date. It effortlessly complements any outfit and is suitable for a wide range of settings, making it a must-have style for those looking to make a lasting impression.

Source: @romeufelipe

2. Naturally Curly Hair

The modern shag with natural curls is an excellent choice for styling medium-length or long curls. One of the best aspects of this style is that it allows you to maintain longer front pieces while still achieving a stylish look. To recreate this style, apply your preferred stylers closer to the roots at the front and gently scrunch your hair. This technique will enhance the texture and create a trendy, effortless appearance.

Source: @nubiarezo

3. Curtain Bangs on Mid-Length Curls

For those who prefer hairstyles with loose curls, this particular one is bound to captivate your attention. To enhance its elegance and femininity, consider incorporating face-framing curtain bangs. Furthermore, opting for a dirty blonde hue will help to add extra volume to this stunning cut.

Source: @augusta_jaxxn

4. Layered Natural Tendrils

There is a persistent and outdated belief that curvy-haired individuals should avoid wearing bangs. This idea stems from concerns about shrinkage and the potential resemblance to a poodle. However, it is possible to overcome these associations by collaborating with a stylist who possesses expertise in handling curly hair. By doing so, you can ensure that your bangs seamlessly blend with the layers in your hair, resulting in a voluminous and flirtatious hairstyle.

Source: @rodrigocintra

5. Shaggy Cut with Curled Bangs

This timeless haircut is universally flattering, making it suitable for all face shapes and hair types. If you are looking to effortlessly freshen up your hair, consider using a curl refreshing spray that will invigorate your locks without weighing them down, instantly revitalizing your look.

Source: @_partytendrils

6. Wavy Shag for Round Face

The shaggy cut is a highly recommended hairstyle for women with round faces as it effectively helps create a slimming effect. This versatile haircut features layered loose curls that gracefully frame the sides of the face, resulting in the illusion of a longer and more elongated visage. Additionally, this style is extremely convenient to manage and can be easily achieved using a curling iron, especially for those with naturally straight hair.

Source: @hairbykenedi

7. Hot Curly Bob

When considering a new hairstyle, you may want to consider cutting your curly locks a bit and adding gorgeous curly bangs. This transformation can give you the appearance of a supermodel and help enhance your features. With this style, your long, thin face can look cuter and more feminine, giving you a youthful appearance. Consider this cut as a perfect way to take years off your face and embrace a fresh new look.

Source: @nubiarezo

8. Extra Long Curly Hair

Curly-haired individuals often choose mid-length cuts due to the ease of management and styling. However, it is worth noting the exceptional style and elegance that a long curly shag hairstyle can offer. To enhance the overall appearance, consider complementing the “seamless layers” with short, choppy bangs, which can breathe new life into previously lackluster curls.

Source: @carlycutsmyhair

9. Curly Hair with Spirals and Bangs

The current trendy hairstyle gaining popularity is the off-center part. This style is favored for its ability to blend modern and retro elements, creating a unique look for those with curly hair. It features brow-grazing fringe and layered ends, contributing to its overall stylish appearance.

Source: @nubiarezo

10. Perfect Curly Bob Cut

If you’re looking to elevate your curly bob from ordinary to extraordinary, let this serve as your source of inspiration. This hairstyle is incredibly versatile and can complement all hair types effortlessly. Not only is it low maintenance, but the layered cut also ensures that your curls will dry in perfect spirals, allowing for a hassle-free wash-and-go style. Embrace this chic and trendy look for a truly stunning appearance.

Source: @magdalena217

11. Curly Hair with Highlights

Blonde curly hair feels less dense than darker shades due to our eyes detecting the surface quality of pale hues and perceiving the outlines of deeper ones. To keep your hair in vogue, consider adding sandy blonde highlights, similar to the style shown in the picture. This will enhance the overall appearance and add dimension to your locks.

Source: @hairbylaquitaburnett

12. Messy Layered Curls

When it comes to natural curl pattern hairstyles, they typically feature heavy strands and often lack volume at the top. However, incorporating messy curly layers can effectively introduce shape and movement to your hair, resulting in a more voluminous and relaxed look. These added layers bring depth and dimension, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your hairstyle.

Source: @lindsayshair

13. Face Framing Curls

Achieving easy-to-manage bangs for curly hair relies heavily on smooth transitions. This particular cut showcases a continuous flow of layered curls, seamlessly transitioning from the shorter pieces at the brow to the beautifully drawn-out ends. The incorporation of the dirty blonde hair color adds an additional layer of dimension, creating a weightless and visually captivating curly bob hairstyle that is sure to turn heads.

Source: @krissy2295

14. Curly Shag with Choppy Layers

Take a look at how this top-heavy hairstyle has completely transformed the appearance of this individual. By elegantly covering her forehead with curly bangs and beautifully framing her face with layered messy locks, this haircut showcases a more relaxed and lifted style. This hairstyle is particularly suited for ladies with fine hair who are seeking a flattering and stylish choice.

Source: @anglette

15. Cute 90’s Curly Hairstyle

If you have long and loose curls, and your face shape is oblong or oval, you can consider opting for straight wispy bangs. These bangs can add an edgy vibe to your overall look. One advantage of choosing straight wispy bangs is that they tend to blend in better with the rest of your style, especially when compared to looks that have tighter curl patterns.

Source: @sarahrockinhair

16. Mid-Length Corkscrews

The combination of micro-curls and curly curtain bangs creates a stunning look that is particularly flattering for women with naturally curly hair and brown hues. To achieve this style, we recommend using nourishing oil-based products to enhance the shine and provide moderate hold to tight corkscrew curls. This styling technique adds a polished finish to the overall look.

Source: @urbanbloomcurls

17. Messy Red Curly Shag

The sultry style with curtain fringe is a versatile and trendy choice that adds flowing movement and volume to your hair. The messy waves create a touchable and effortless look, adding just the right amount of sexiness to your overall appearance. This style is perfect for enhancing your curly texture without compromising on length. Add this to your go-to hairstyles and enjoy the confidence it brings!

Source: @lindsayshair

18. Sassy Pixie Cut with Curly Bangs

The combination of a pixie cut with curly bangs and burgundy highlights creates a delightful contrast, resulting in a sassy style that adds a touch of rock’n’roll to your look. This modern and eye-catching hairstyle is sure to turn heads and make a statement.

Source: @delong_hair

19. Flawless Beach Waves

To achieve a stunning look, you can enhance your appearance by allowing your natural waves to cascade gracefully on your shoulders. Additionally, you can complement your style with curly bangs, which will serve as a captivating face-framing detail. For obtaining beautiful beachy waves, a recommended method involves blow-drying your hair while using a texturized spray to add definition and volume.

Source: @megmdoeshairs

20. Curtain Bangs for Shaggy Hair

The curtain bangs beautifully accentuate the eyes of this individual, creating an effortlessly chic vibe. This particular style of bangs is known to flatter faces with an oval, long, triangular, and heart-shaped structure. The way they frame the face adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, creating a flattering look that enhances the overall appearance.

Source: @gunnyhastings

21. Messy Medium Waves

To accentuate bright blue eyes with a soft, elegant touch, consider incorporating soft bangs into your hairstyle. For added dimension and visual interest, complement your soft flaxen blonde locks with subtle dark brown highlights. Adding curly hair with bangs and styling it in messy waves can create a universally appealing look that suits a wide range of individuals. Try out this stylish and versatile option to elevate your overall appearance.

Source: @covensalon

22. Golden Waves with Bangs

To enhance the definition of free-flowing lines in wavy hair, consider incorporating slightly different hues for both the length and fringe. Additionally, parting the hair deeply and sweeping it to one side can help blend the blunt edge of the bangs. When drying the hair, using an oval paddle brush can create a beveled effect. For further refinement, wrap any loose sections around a styling wand. These techniques will contribute to a more polished and stylish look.

Source: @femmeakoi

23. Soft and Shaggy Bob

The appeal of a beautiful blonde bob is undeniable, as it manages to exude both sexiness and sophistication simultaneously. To elevate the standard layered cut, you can consider incorporating curls, which not only adds texture but also enhances fullness to thin strands. This approach adds an element of versatility that can suit various hair types and styles, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking a stylish and dynamic look.

Source: @omniaesthetic

24. Cinnamon Shag

Long curly hair exudes an effortless bohemian flair, radiating a carefree and relaxed vibe. The tousled texture and delicately scattered lightness throughout the tips beautifully showcase the voluminous and chunky layers. This irregular texture not only enhances and complements strong jawlines but also adds an alluring touch to prominent features. To achieve this stunning look, effortlessly scrunch in a generous amount of mousse and allow nature to air dry your curls.

Source: @jessicafooskas

25. Curlicue Shingle Bob

We admire the perfect harmony of ethereal and edgy elements in this haircut. The tapered neckline, combined with the choppy micro bangs, provides a modern twist to the short curly hair. By removing weight, we enhance the bounce, while the rich chocolate hue adds substance to the airy ends. Overall, this look strikes a delightful balance and offers an innovative approach to hairstyling.

Source: @reneesrh

26. Curly Layers with Bangs

The classic shape of this hairstyle ensures uniform distribution of body and compliments medium length hair. The sweeping front and golden brown shade add a personalized touch to the style. When it comes to curly hair, bangs can sometimes appear blocky; however, angling them can flatter the cheekbones and enhance the appearance of the eyes.

Source: @curlpop

27. Relaxed and Rumpled Corkscrews

One effective method to give spirals a modern edge is by wearing them slightly messy. In this particular style, the curly bangs are arranged sparsely, allowing the strands to separate and articulate, creating a contrast with the overall density. After drying, gently slide your fingers underneath the hair and massage to achieve a voluminous and fluffy effect.

Source: @modernsalon

28. Bookish Brunette Babe

When it comes to curly hairstyles with bangs, wearing glasses can often pose a challenge. However, there is a solution to this dilemma. One way to overcome this obstacle is by opting for side bangs that gracefully fall about an inch above the eyebrows. By doing so, the side bangs will not only complement the glasses but also avoid any awkward competition with them. Additionally, having unbroken length at the sides and back of the hair can help prevent the occurrence of cowlicks, further enhancing the overall look.

Source: @headdress_hairsalon

29. Chopped and Twisted

One effective technique for achieving evenly curled hair is the spiral technique. This method involves twisting the hair once at the scalp and then wrapping it lengthwise down the barrel of a curling iron. Additionally, incorporating choppy straight bangs and silver ombre ends into the design can introduce popular color trends.

Source: @thehairstandard

30. Curly Pixie Cut

Many individuals with natural curls often hesitate to try a shorter hairstyle. However, this particular look demonstrates that there’s nothing to be afraid of. The graduated shapes of the haircut strategically add weight towards the interior, offering a well-defined structure to the coils. Moreover, the elongated tendrils in the front serve as a playful and captivating touch, enhancing the overall appeal of the style.

Source: @salon_sessions
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