30 Sizzling Copper Balayage Looks that Turn Heads

Balayage gives women a range of alternatives to give their hair a loving pop of color to freshen it up. There are a variety of colors to choose from for people who love red copper hairstyles, ranging from chilly mahogany red to warm gingerbread caramel and strawberry copper. And that’s only the start.

Consider your natural hair color and skin tone while selecting your color from these 30 stylish copper balayage ideas that will never go out of style!

1. Warm Red and Copper Tones

Infusing bright reddish highlights into a deep coppery base can inject a playful touch into your overall look. This dynamic combination of hues becomes especially prominent when styled into dynamic curly hairstyles or braids.

Source: @_watchmepaint

2. Vibrant Copper Tones for Brunette

Chrissy Danielle Lotenero enhances her client’s unique appearance with a golden copper hue, adding allure and warmth to the natural brown base. This copper balayage not only brings dimension but also beautifully complements warm undertones in the skin.

Source: @hairbychrissydanielle

3. Faded Copper Brown Balayage

Daniel Mora Ayala suggests experimenting with shades to discover magnificent mixes like this stunning coppery chocolate balayage. Carefully crafted caramel highlights playfully intermingle with the rich brown base, creating a beautifully faded effect.

Source: @danielmbeauty

4. Dimensional Copper Balayage

For a natural-looking copper balayage, consider combining an auburn base with soft copper highlights. These warm and rich tones add depth and dimension to the hair, resulting in a vibrant and striking appearance.

Source: @ryleeheyzahair

5. Pumpkin Face-Framing Highlights

Adding money pieces can spice up your natural hair color with eye-catching autumn glow tones without dyeing your entire mane. These face-framing highlights offer an effortless yet impactful hairstyle that requires minimal maintenance.

Source: @cameronnichols_

6. Copper Face Framing Highlights

Combining dark brown with orange-based copper creates a stunning contrast suitable for women with neutral and warm undertones. Placing the lightest shade at the front creates a trendy face-framing effect, gradually transitioning into copper brown tones.

Source: @ali_theartist

7. Deep Copper Balayage Hair

Adding depth and richness to long brunette locks is effortless with this nearly burgundy hair color. The deep auburn and copper balayage enhances the warmth of the complexion, resulting in a stylish and eye-catching look.

Source: @hairby_michellesavic

8. Partial Copper Auburn Balayage

Light ginger babylights impart a subtle warmth to copper brown hair, revealing its natural wavy texture beautifully. Recreating this look can soften your locks and infuse them with a fashionable and captivating allure.

Source: @radconnn

9. Light Butterscotch Money Pieces

Bright red- or orange-based copper tones are recommended for women with pale skin tones. These hues create a beautiful contrast against the complexion, enhancing its natural rosiness and luminosity.

Source: @qynnes_canvas

10. Spicy Red Copper Balayage

This red hue with a brown undertone adds vibrancy and glow to light skin tones, drawing attention to the overall appearance. Its contrast with fair skin makes it a standout choice for those seeking a bold yet flattering look.

Source: @marissaknighthair

11. Copper Pumpkin Ombre

Reminiscent of a popular strawberry blonde balayage, this copper ginger ombre offers a hint of additional warmth and brightness. It’s a perfect choice for those aiming for beachy locks with a touch of copper allure.

Source: @hairbyhannahsimone

12. Copper Waves with Blonde Highlights

Infusing golden tones with coppery hues results in a dimensional and vibrant color ideal for fashion-forward individuals. The addition of bright blonde highlights adds a chic French twist to the overall look.

Source: @beautybybrittw_

13. Deep Red with Copper Highlights

Red-based copper tones add movement and dimension to mid-length or long hair, enhancing the richness of deep red locks. Whether straight or wavy, these blended highlights effortlessly elevate the overall look.

Source: @_watchmepaint

14. Rich Copper Melt for Warm Skin

This shade beautifully complements green eyes and warm complexions, especially when paired with messy beach waves and a middle parting. The bright pumpkin copper balayage adds depth and vibrancy to medium hair.

Source: @erinblanchardhair

15. Copper Hair with Ginger Highlights

Naturally dark hair color can be spiced up with various shades of copper, creating a unique and flattering mix. Consulting with a professional colorist ensures a harmonious blend, avoiding brassy tones and achieving the desired result.

Source: @danielmbeauty

16. Copper Blonde Beachy Waves

The blend of golden blonde and soft copper tones introduces warmth and dimension to wavy hair, infusing playfulness into the style. These dimensional highlights create a striking look suitable for various occasions.

Source: @blownawayby_kimberly

17. Chestnut Copper Hue for Olive Skin

Seamlessly blended auburn and brown shades create a harmonious and stunning effect, perfectly suiting warm olive skin tones. The faded brownish copper balayage adds depth and interest to the overall appearance.

Source: @theory_studioforhair

18. Intense Copper Bronze Balayage

Vibrant red copper hues create a gorgeous gradient effect, adding depth and dimension to dark auburn curls. This versatile copper balayage works well for many hair colors, offering a bold and captivating look.

Source: @blend_n_snip

19. Strawberry Copper for Fair Skin

Partial teasylights and root melt using strawberry blonde and light copper shades create this fashionable hair color. Paired with beach waves, it enhances the texture of glossy hair, adding dimension and allure.

Source: @thestrawberryblonder

20. Rich Burgundy Balayage

Bright and bold balayage featuring warm copper red shades elevates long, layered haircuts to a new level of attractiveness. The burgundy copper hues create a statement look suitable for various skin tones.

Source: @erinblanchardhair

21. Copper Hair with Golden Babylights

Strategically placed honey blonde money pieces and caramel streaks add dimension and enhance the beauty of the gingerbread copper color. These subtle highlights create a multidimensional and eye-catching look.

Source: @emilycooper_hair

22. Red Tones for Dark Hair

A dark mahogany brown hairstyle prevents black hair from appearing flat or dull, thanks to highlights focused from midway down the hair to the ends. This dimensional balayage effect adds visual appeal to the overall look.

Source: @esbeautyco

23. Cozy Caramel Copper Balayage

Golden caramel highlights incorporated into bronze brown hair instantly brighten long loose waves, creating a stunning and dimensional look. The glossy golden copper curls add a sun-kissed finish, making them glow.

Source: @laurabeckwith_hair

24. Bright Copper Balayage

Combining ginger and caramel tones with a brown base results in a bright copper balayage that complements various skin tones. The spiced copper hues add vibrancy and warmth to the overall appearance.

Source: @kaylamae.hair

25. Copper Red Style with Bangs

Bright copper ombre balances perfectly with peachy skin tones, enhancing vibrancy and adding dimension. This rich copper ombre for burgundy hair adds depth and visual interest, creating a captivating look.

Source: @qynnes_canvas

26. Sandy Copper Blended Balayage

This strawberry apricot blend strikes the perfect balance between orange and copper, complementing fair and light skin tones as well as blue or hazel eyes. The soft golden copper hues add warmth and dimension to the overall appearance.

Source: @manely.summer

27. Vivid Mahogany Copper Look

This eye-catching copper balayage features autumnal red hues with copper accents, creating a vibrant and dimensional look. The relaxed wavy styling adds to the allure, making it suitable for hair of any length.

Source: @ryleeheyzahair

28. Textured Bob with Copper Balayage

Emphasizing a golden brown bob with a vivid copper mid-shaft balayage adds volume and allure to short hair. This transformative ombre effect elevates the overall look, creating a statement hairstyle.

Source: @qynnes_canvas

29. Ginger Tones on Dark Base

Cool-toned ginger highlighting offers a softer finish for dark brunettes, resulting in a stylish and subtle transformation. This chic choice enhances the overall look with a touch of warmth and dimension.

Source: @esbeautyco

30. Bronzed Copper Glossy Locks

The mix of caramel and deep chestnut hues creates a statement hair color suitable for all skin tones. Warm copper tones infuse a sun-kissed finish into your locks, making them radiate with luminosity and vitality.

Source: @robertogbornhair
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