6 Colombre Combinations that Put Pop of Color in Hair Trends

Everyone is raving about the newest hair trend to hit the scene this year because of its bold, dramatic style and refusal to conform to the standard. Colombre is a hybrid of the ombre technique and fashion colors, or as I like to put it, a subtle variation on the classic. The great thing about this trend is that, depending entirely on your personal taste, you can go as bold and colorful or as elegant and understated as you choose.

I’ve put together a list of some of the most in-demand looks and color schemes that might just inspire you to give the popular style a shot.

1. Raven Blue Ombre

If you don’t want the fashion colors to be too bold, this hair style is very appealing because of the darker shades of blue contrasted with the dark raven-black hair. The two hues go nicely together; they are subdued at night and emphasized during the day when the sun highlights your vibrant and daring side. Because the colors in this combination aren’t overly vivid, matching them to your clothes shouldn’t be too tough.

Source: @jimmywaworuntu

2. Violet Hues Ombre

This violet ombre will particularly stand out against your complexion if you have fair skin or somewhat lighter hair. It’s an additional color option that won’t be unduly dramatic or leave you feeling wholly unrecognizable. The sun brings out a wonderful splash of color during the day, but it’s so well-camouflaged that it almost looks natural that it won’t draw attention from onlookers.

Source: @kayleesmileyhair

3. Green as Fresh Grass Ombre

While you wait for warmer weather, this grass green hue will significantly boost your hair if you want the look of vivid colors. It’s whimsical and enjoyable, and it will give you the impression that you should always be wearing a flowery crown. I’m very happy that spring has arrived because the vivid green color shouts springtime.

Source: @hairbymorganmortimer

4. Red on Black Ombre

This will be a very popular option because the red and black color combination looks amazing on all brunettes. It goes well with black pants and high heels and can still help you make a statement without appearing unprofessional at work. This shade would be particularly appealing to people who wish to have a distinctive look without compromising their potential to advance professionally and be considered seriously in their fields.

Source: @coryhoffmanhair

5. Pink Unicorn Sunset Ombre

I get pulled to someone and want to strike up a discussion as soon as I notice them sporting pink hair. The ability to wear this striking hue with assurance is what should truly motivate us. Since pink has long been associated with our inner dreamers and princesses, a color like the pink unicorn sunset ought to be inspiring us all. This is the hair color of dreams because of the way it fades from an almost orange tone to a brilliant pink one. Who knows, maybe we’ll have the courage to give it a shot.

Source: @hairsba

6. Fiery Orange Ombre

You need go no further than the fire ombre hair color if you’re searching for an exciting method to showcase your unique style. The way the color shifts from black to red to orange and yellow is so striking that it makes me really envious of those with longer hair. This on-trend hue will highlight your feisty demeanor and your drive to always be a step ahead of the fashion game.

Source: @wilociraptor

Avoid being limited to a single fad and experiment with several takes on the two-tone hairstyle. All the control over how bold and intense your color is is yours to adjust and experiment with. Consider unconventional and daring ideas!

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