20 Buzz Cut Girls That Really Rock Short Hair

What does it take to become a buzz cut girl? It is more than just a pair of clippers. It’s a serious mindset and way of life. Women’s buzzed haircuts still provide a variety of styling possibilities, especially when paired with unique hair color or designs. Take a look at the buzzcut models who illustrate that less is more.

So you believe you’re ready to become a buzz cut girl? Taking this bold action can be empowering for many women. Cutting your long hair can quickly improve your life and give you more time to do the things that are most important to you. Are you prepared for a dynamic change? Before you get the shortest haircut possible, learn more about it.

1. Foxy Crew Cut

Looking for a style that’s bold and timeless? The Foxy Crew Cut might just be your perfect match. With a bit of length on top, this classic cut allows for versatile styling options, ensuring your look is always fierce. It’s particularly well-suited for those with thicker hair types. Elevate your style with a texturizing powder or gel for that irresistible bedhead appeal.

Source: @salsalhair

2. Geometric Side Buzz

Not quite ready to commit to a full crew cut? No worries. The Geometric Side Buzz offers a stylish alternative with its intricate design, featuring eye-catching triangles. It’s a subtle yet striking look that adds flair without sacrificing the overall length. Trust your barber’s expertise in creating precise shapes and designs, and you’ll leave the shop with a customized cut that’s uniquely you.

Source: @fernthebarber

3. Platinum Head

Blonde buzz cuts exude confidence and command attention wherever you go. What’s more, opting for a platinum hue allows for endless experimentation without compromising your hair’s health. Embrace the freedom to bleach to your heart’s content, knowing that each buzz will maintain its vitality. Dive into this super short style and embrace the mantra of trying everything at least once.

Source: @janine_ker_hair

4. Shaved and Pastel

Who says you can’t be playful with a super-short buzz cut? Shave it off and then add a splash of trendy pastel color for an extra dose of fun. This daring combination proves that a buzz cut is anything but boring, offering endless possibilities for expressing your unique style.

Source: @melleopard.hairstylist

5. Dark and Daring Crop

With hints of a pixie cut, the Dark and Daring Crop strikes the perfect balance between edgy and sophisticated. While slightly longer than a traditional buzz, it still exudes an undeniable edge. Pair it with a rich, dark hue for a look that’s equal parts mysterious and alluring.

Source: @jasonnash74_

6. White Buzz Cut

Say goodbye to conventional gray and hello to a bold new trend with the White Buzz Cut. Elevate your style to new heights with a striking shade of white, achieving a level of blonde that’s truly unparalleled. Embrace the beauty of blanco and make a statement with every step.

Source: @mmmschmith

7. Peach Pixie

Inject a touch of whimsy into your pixie cut with a charming peach hue. Enhance the luminosity of your locks by adding a dab of gel or smoothing gloss for a finish that’s simply peachy keen.

Source: @bescene

8. Fierce Fade

When only the fiercest look will suffice, turn to the Fierce Fade. This dynamic style features a gradual transition from short to shorter, resulting in a sleek and sophisticated appearance that commands attention.

Source: @talisa_stylist_makeupartist

9. Wavy Crop

Tame your waves with a cropped cut that offers endless styling options. Whether you prefer to curl with an iron, set with rollers, or let your hair air dry, this wavy shaved style effortlessly combines cuteness with convenience.

Source: @dillahajhair

10. Spiked Pixie

Add a touch of attitude to your side-shaved style with some playful spikes. A firm-hold gel ensures your crop stays sharp and stylish all day long.

Source: @shorthair.losangeles

11. Shaved and Fearless

Sometimes, you just have to embrace the bold and go all the way. The Shaved and Fearless style is a testament to courage and beauty, celebrating the beauty of self-expression in its most daring form.

Source: @hairbytate_25

12. Curly Crop

Reclaim control over your curly locks with a cropped cut that exudes cool confidence. Entrust your mane to a barber or stylist skilled in handling curly hair, and watch as your cut becomes the envy of all.

Source: @stepthebarber

13. Sexy Clipper Cut

Put a feminine spin on the classic crew cut with the Sexy Clipper Cut. Designed to complement straight hair types, this chic style accentuates your features and enhances your natural beauty.

Source: @dillahajhair

14. Ombre Buzz Cut

Elevate your buzz cut with a touch of dimension and intrigue. Let your regrowth add depth to your style, while a unique fashion color and gradient hues ensure your look stands out from the crowd.

Source: @staygold31

15. Trendy Fade

Stay ahead of the curve with the Trendy Fade, featuring cool designs and impeccable fades that elevate your style to new heights. Embrace the versatility of this trend-setting look and prepare to turn heads wherever you go.

Source: @sarinasaurousrex

16. Bald and Badass

For the fearless and fiercely chic, there’s nothing quite like the Bald and Badass style. Embrace the transformative power of a shaved head and redefine beauty on your own terms.

Source: @drethebarba

17. Blended Buzz

Crafted with precision and skill, the Blended Buzz Cut offers a seamless blend of lengths that’s as touchable as it is stylish. Trust your barber to achieve the perfect balance and leave you with a look that’s effortlessly cool.

Source: @mikeyyyyyyy_

18. Barber Buzz

Let your personality shine with a customized Barber Buzz. Whether it’s initials, logos, or symbols, your barber can turn your shaved style into a work of art that’s uniquely yours.

Source: @kev_thebarber1

19. Side Shaved

Achieve the best of both worlds with the Side Shaved style, featuring long locks on one side and a shaved undercut on the other. While growing it out may pose a challenge, the end result is a versatile look that’s both edgy and elegant.

Source: @micaelaelizabethsouthwell

20. Razored Buzz Cut

For a textured finish that’s raw and fabulous, opt for the Razored Buzz Cut. Created using a razor, this style offers a unique twist on the classic buzz, allowing for endless styling possibilities. Don’t forget to add your favorite color and a touch of gel for that extra flair.

Source: @sarahadamshair
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