20 Bright Red Hairstyles That Sizzle

It seems like everyone is playing around with color more and more these days. There are no restrictions or boundaries when it comes to your locks; you can go from green and purple to blue and pink. Still, no hue is hotter than red. In recent months, bright red hair has made quite an appearance, and the flames are only growing stronger. Take a look at these 20 images that highlight the countless possibilities that come with the color red.

Traditional red color shades, such as auburn, subdued copper, mahogany, tawny, russet, etc., will not be discussed in this article. Bright red hairstyles of today are even more striking and vibrant!

1. Pink-Red with Yellow Highlights

Looking for some stunning color ideas? Why settle for one color when you can embrace a vibrant blend? Elevate your style with a striking pink-red hue adorned with bold, chunky yellow highlights. It’s a daring choice that promises to turn heads wherever you go.

Source: @guy_tang

2. Mohawk on Pink Red Hair

For those craving an edgy aesthetic, nothing quite matches the allure of a pink-red mohawk. Shave the sides close to the scalp while leaving the central section long for versatility in styling. Infuse the longer portion with a vivid pink-red hue to embody the epitome of punk fashion.

Source: @yunuskarat

3. Crimson Red Hair

Exude elegance with a touch of flair by opting for crimson red locks. Elevate your look with a voluminous braided crown accented by a jeweled headband. This refined yet bold style is sure to make you the epitome of sophistication.

Source: @jbraidsandbowsa

4. Very Short Dyed Red Hair

Who says short hair can’t make a statement? Embrace the allure of a pixie cut and accentuate your curls with vibrant shades of red. Short dyed red hair exudes confidence and femininity, ensuring you receive compliments aplenty.

Source: @msklarie

5. Black and Bright Red Hair

Put your vibrant red locks front and center with a bold crimson strip that cascades across your head like a striking declaration. The interplay between black and bright red hair creates a mesmerizing aesthetic that demands attention.

Source: @khimandi

6. Rainbow Neon Red Hair

While pastel hues may reign supreme, don’t underestimate the impact of vibrant neon red locks. Transform your hair into a canvas for a multi-colored masterpiece, perfect for showcasing your individuality. Let your creativity run wild, especially if you have long hair to accommodate the spectrum of colors.

Source: @hairgod_zito

7. Ravishing Orangey Red Hair

Red hair comes in myriad shades, each offering its own unique allure. Explore the realm of orangey red hues, crafted with precision using the ombre technique. From bold beginnings to delicate fades, ensure a seamless transition for a captivating look.

Source: @larisadoll

8. Red Hair, Two Ways

Maximize the versatility of your red ombre hair by experimenting with different styles. Whether sleek and straight or loose and curly, each approach offers a fresh perspective on your vibrant locks. Embrace the diversity of your hair and let your personality shine through.

Source: @bescene

9. Bright Red Bob Hairstyle

Enhance your natural red locks with a chic long bob, the epitome of contemporary elegance. Effortlessly complement the vibrant hue with beachy waves, exuding a carefree yet sophisticated vibe that’s perfect for any occasion.

Source: @mizzchoi

10. Multi-Colored Braided Waves

When sporting a multi-hued look, braided hairstyles offer a seamless way to integrate the colors. Opt for a thick pancake braid to showcase the vibrant interplay of red, blue, and orange hues. The result? A stunning tapestry of colors woven into your locks.

Source: @stylistricardosantiago

11. Long Flaming Locks

Unleash the fiery allure of bright red hair with a two-toned masterpiece. Transition from deep burgundy to vibrant orange for a dynamic and captivating look that’s bound to turn heads.

Source: @off7thsalon

12. Shiny Bright Red Ombre

Dip your toes into the world of red hair with a scarlet ombre that radiates boldness and vibrancy. Enjoy the brilliance of the bright hue without the long-term commitment, allowing you the freedom to evolve your style effortlessly.

Source: @ayanahairdesign

13. Flashes of Bright Red Highlights

Elevate your dark locks with vibrant red highlights that command attention. Whether styled sleek or tousled, these crimson accents create a striking contrast that adds depth and dimension to your hair.

Source: @jaymz.marsters

14. Red and Yellow Braided Hair

Embrace the artistry of hair color with a tortoise-shell technique that marries bright red with hues of orange and yellow. When woven into a braid, this mosaic of colors creates a spellbinding effect that’s as magical as it is eye-catching.

Source: @theconfessionsofahairstylist

15. Punk Dark Bright Red Hair

Make a bold statement with a layered pixie cut drenched in dark bright red hues. Embrace the punk aesthetic with a vibrant color that exudes confidence and individuality, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

Source: @danielletaren

16. Red Hair with Shaved Side

For an extra dose of boldness, pair your red locks with a shaved side adorned with cool razored designs. Elevate your look to new heights of punk-inspired chic, showcasing your fearless approach to style.

Source: @skillsthebarber

17. Loose and Lovely Locks

Master the art of effortless elegance with a three-toned ombre that transitions from red to orange to yellow. Soft, cascading curls add a touch of romance to this vibrant hairstyle, ensuring you radiate beauty wherever you go.

Source: @jaymz.marsters

18. Double-Trouble Braids

Leave a lasting impression with a daring hairstyle that combines bright scarlet with rich black or navy blue. Split your hair down the middle and dye each side a different hue for a jaw-dropping look that defies convention.

Source: @ginaatkinson

19. Curly Bright Red and Purple Hair

Push the boundaries of hair color with a bold combination of bright red and purple hues. From fiery roots to rainbow-colored chunks, this high-powered style exudes confidence and creativity in equal measure.

Source: @rainbowrage

20. Fiery Fuchsia

Elevate your bright red locks with intricate braids that showcase the full spectrum of your hair color. Opt for a detailed fishtail braid to highlight your red locks and any additional highlights, ensuring your hair is as vibrant as it is captivating.

Source: @rebeccataylorhair

Bonus: How to Get Bright Red Hair

Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of having bright red hair is where you should start first. Yes, you will be amazing, receive tons of praises daily, and have flawless Instagram pictures. You will need to bleach it if your original hue is significantly darker than light blonde. For it, are you prepared? Continue reading after that.

If your base is brown, using the hair dye and determiner is the best technique to create brilliant red hair. It is not necessary to bleach your hair before dying it red; you can do these two things at the same time! Guidelines for developing reading comprehension without pre-bleaching:

  • Select the appropriate shade of red first. If you have pale skin, use light or bright colored dyes. Dark skin tones suit deep auburn and chestnut hues, while medium complexion tones suit copper or medium auburn hair colors. Purchase a multi-level lift hair color.
  • Select the volume of developer you require: 10, 20, 30, or 40. You will need 40 Volume developer for very dark hair, 10 Volume for light shades with minimal lift, or 20 Volume for only 1-2 level lift.
  • Assemble an applicator brush, measuring cup, gloves, wide-toothed comb, and mixing bowl.
  • Mix your developer and hair dye together (usually directions call for 2-2.4 fl. oz. of developer for 1 tube of hair dye).
  • Divide your hair into parts, leaving the bottom part unclipped.
  • Beginning at the base of your hair, dye your hair.
  • After around 30 minutes (see the instructions), wipe the dye off.
  • Make sure you use conditioner that rinses off.

Important note: If you recently dyed your hair black, you should wait a few weeks since you might only get red roots. After acquiring bright red hair color, you will also notice that it fades easily. I know it’s sad, but red hair really is difficult to style. You’ll need to give your hair even more attention, deep condition it, and ideally go to the hairdresser on a regular basis to have your locks assessed.

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