20 Amazing Braided Pigtail Styles for Girls

Is there anything more entertaining than a tiny kid wearing pigtails? We think not! Be inspired by these incredible and stunning hairstyles. Whether you’re styling short, medium, long, straight, or curly hair, you’ll be able to discover something unique to try.

The majority of the girlie pigtail hairstyles shown below feature ribbon braids and bow ties, charming twists, or quirky partings. Some hairstyles appear difficult, but there are also simpler options appropriate for beginners.

1. Criss-Crossed Low Ponytails with Ribbons

Long-haired girls will adore this stunning hairstyle. Two inside-out French braids are intricately criss-crossed at the back, forming a captivating design. Elevate the elegance with the addition of pretty ribbons, taking these braided pigtails to a whole new level of beauty.


2. Braids, Buns, and Bows

Push your braiding skills to new heights with a basket weave effect. Unlike traditional braids, this style incorporates four or more strands, resulting in a complex and unique braid. Hair parted down the middle forms a basket braid on each side, which is then twisted into adorable little buns. The finishing touch? Delightful hair bows perched atop each bun, making this hairstyle a true work of art.


3. Double Heart Braid

Achieve the illusion of a double heart with this charming braid, which is simpler to create than it appears. After braiding both the inner and outer sections and securing them into pigtails, weave a pretty ribbon through the braid for an added touch of formality and elegance. Complete the look with deep purple flowers attached to each ponytail, perfect for a flower girl’s ensemble.


4. Asymmetrical Flower Girl Hairstyle

Embrace unconventional styling with these fashion-forward pigtails. Braids curve around the head in a basket weave pattern, leading to soft ponytails. Vibrant hair accessories elevate the overall look, adding a touch of sweetness and sophistication.


5. Four Braids with Ribbon Lacing

This symmetrical style is both pretty and versatile. Experiment with different ribbon colors to complement any outfit. Suitable for girls with short, medium, or long hair, this fun look requires four braids, two lengths of ribbon, and elastic bands. Ensure tight braiding for a crisp, polished finish.


6. Braid and Twist Combo

Combine twists and braids for a chic and girly hairstyle. Three twists starting high on the head cascade diagonally down to merge with one of the braided ponytails. Complete the look with two oversized, neon-colored bows for a head-turning style fit for a princess.


7. Double Twists with Double Buns

These impressive twists and buns require long, thick hair to pull off. Begin with a twist on both the top and bottom sections, then secure them into twin buns on either side. Finish the look with soft, color-coordinated ribbons for added flair.


8. Braid Split into Pigtails

Masterful sectioning and braiding create this intricate hairstyle. A single French braid is divided at the crown into two sections, with pretty ribbons and flowers enhancing the look. Perfect for spring or summer, these accessories elevate a simple braid into a sophisticated masterpiece.


9. Criss-Crossing Pigtails and Lacy Buns

This captivating hairstyle features six mini ponytails intricately woven into a stunning look, culminating in fluffy buns atop the head. Playful pink bands and ribbons add a pop of fun to the twin tails.

Source: @brownhairedbliss

10. Braids of the Future

These futuristic French braided pigtails are truly eye-catching. Loose strands are braided back in to create a captivating spider-web effect, perfect for a Halloween costume or a bold everyday look.


11. Classy Ribbon-Intertwined Ponies

Achieve sophistication with classic ponytails intertwined with ribbons. This elegant hairstyle is achievable for almost any skill level, yet it exudes timeless beauty and grace.


12. Intricate Ribbon Braids

Unleash your creativity with zigzag partings, thick braids, and vibrant ribbons. Weave the ribbons through the braids for a unique, bunched-up effect that’s both beautiful and interesting.


13. Snake Braids

Show off your super long hair with these stunning pigtail braids. Braids cascade down and up the back, secured high on the sides for a curved, elegant look that requires good hair thickness and length.


14. Pigtails with Chain Link Braids

Rock your braids with a twist! Create a chain link braid from a ponytail split into two sections, then twist each section to form a rope braid. Join two rope braids into one chain link braid for a dazzling effect, perfect for making a statement.


15. Double Braids with Double Buns

Combine braids and buns into one fabulous hairstyle. The thicker the hair, the better for achieving these chunky bun styles, secured with colorful bobble elastics for an irresistibly cute look.


16. Braided Crown

Embrace the charm of pigtail hair with a stylish crown braid that seamlessly transitions into French braid pigtails. The crown braid adds softness to the front of the hair, framing the face beautifully.


17. Waterfall Ponytails

Stacked ponytails create a sweet and playful pigtail hairstyle. Crisp part lines and colorful rubber bands add an extra-special touch to this adorable look.


18. Big Double Bows

Make a statement with gorgeous black hair bows adorning twin tails. These bows climb diagonally up the back, adding a touch of elegance and flair to the overall style.


19. Soft Fishtails

Create a softer look with fishtail pigtail braids, enhanced by a deep side part for added charm. Keep the braids messy for a relaxed yet stylish hairstyle.


20. Ravishing Ringlets for Black Girls

Curly ponytails are effortlessly cute, especially with a diagonal part for added interest. Embrace the natural texture of the hair, allowing the ringlets to shine in all their glory.

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