50 Stylish and Sassy Bobs for Round Faces

Sometimes, women with round faces or plump cheeks feel that in order to draw attention away from a plumper visage, they must wear their hair long or add extensions. However, having so much hair can occasionally make you appear dated and heavy. The current fashion is undoubtedly bobs, particularly the shoulder-length variations that still provide length, a lovely silhouette, and the desired slimming effect. There is a bob haircut that will not draw too much attention to your round face, regardless of your hair type—blonde, brunette, straight, or wavy. See our list of the top 50 choices below.

Go no shorter than chin length in front if you want to use a bob haircut to make your face appear slimmer. It can be a longer bob-lob, an angled bob, a graduated bob, or a stacked bob with a shorter nape. Select a side or off-center area; these won’t add to your facial fat.

1. Classic Blunt Bob

Enhance your natural beauty with a classic blunt bob that accentuates your facial features. This timeless haircut draws attention to your eyes while maintaining a clean, chin-length style suitable for any occasion.


2. Straight Collarbone Lob

Embrace the sleek elegance of a straight collarbone lob, offering a sophisticated take on the traditional bob cut. With a simple, straight-line finish just above the collarbone, this style is effortlessly chic and easy to maintain, making it perfect for slimming rounder face shapes.


3. Wavy Bob with Thick Bangs

Elevate your look with a wavy bob featuring thick, side-swept bangs that divert attention away from chubby cheeks. The combination of defined waves and shadow roots adds depth and dimension to this stunning haircut, harmonizing beautifully with round face shapes.


4. Cute Warm Bronde Combover Bob

Discover the charm of a bob haircut tailored for round faces, complete with face-framing layers and a playful combover side part. This sweet yet stylish shape, coupled with soft angles beneath the chin, strikes the perfect balance, adding volume and character without appearing juvenile.


5. Messy Jet-Black Curls

Embrace the versatility of shorter hair with soft, finger-combed waves that exude contemporary flair. Opt for loose, messy curls that complement fashion-forward blunt bangs, creating a modern look that effortlessly flatters round face shapes.


6. Wavy Mid-Length Shag

Elevate your style with a wavy mid-length shag that combines voluminous waves with elongated front sections. This sassy yet sophisticated hairstyle not only adds moderate volume but also creates a flattering illusion, effortlessly slimming rounder face shapes.


7. Blunt Bob for a Round Face

Challenge conventional wisdom with an angled blunt bob complemented by soft, face-framing bangs. This innovative twist visually breaks up the face, offering a fresh perspective on classic bob hairstyles for round faces.


8. Curly Brown Bob for Thick Hair

Harness the beauty of naturally coarse, curly hair with large, swooping curls enhanced by a smoothing pomade or serum. Embrace your voluminous locks with confidence, showcasing a playful yet refined style that tames frizz while flattering round face shapes.


9. Asymmetrical Bob

Opt for a side part bob to effortlessly flatter round faces, providing extra volume for thin hair and reducing bulk for thicker locks. This versatile cut offers a chic solution for various hair types, enhancing natural volume while complementing round facial features.


10. Disconnected Wavy Gray Bob

Infuse your style with youthful energy using disconnected choppy layers and tousled waves for a playful yet sophisticated look. Explore the dynamic texture of steel gray hair, accentuating fun, tousled curls that effortlessly slim round face shapes.


11. Blunt and Choppy White Blonde Bob

Embrace the edgy allure of blunt and choppy cuts with a platinum blonde base, exuding modern sophistication. This daring hairstyle features haphazard layers that add movement and dimension, perfectly framing the face with shaggy, in-your-face bangs.


12. Classic Bob for Round Faces

Achieve timeless elegance with a medium-length bob enhanced by a deep side parting, creating asymmetry to flatter round face shapes. Let an extra strand gently fall on the face, effortlessly slimming the appearance for a refined and polished look.


13. Sexy Gray Peek-a-Boo Bob Style

Elevate your style quotient with dramatic side bangs that thin out the face, creating a seductive yet sophisticated profile. Embrace the peek-a-boo style to add depth and allure to your bob haircut, effortlessly enhancing your natural beauty.


14. Angled Brunette Bob with Bronze Highlights

Elevate your look with an angled a-line bob adorned with long, feathered side bangs for added interest. Bronze highlights infuse warmth and dimension into this classic cut, offering a chic and timeless style for round face shapes.


15. Tousled Extra-Long Bob for Chubby Faces

Accentuate your features with loose waves that visually slim your round face, particularly flattering for blonde hair with shadow roots. Embrace the effortless elegance of this extra-long bob, effortlessly balancing round facial features.


16. Chin Length Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Channel charm and sophistication with a chin-length bob adorned with rose gold highlights for added allure. Rounded ends and lush side-swept bangs beautifully flatter round face shapes, offering a chic solution to balance thicker hair.


17. Medium Brunette Shag Hairstyle

Effortlessly exude casual elegance with loose, effortless waves and a slightly off-centered part for a shaggy lob. Embrace texture with a salt spray, enhancing volume and movement while retaining the length for a versatile and flattering style.


18. Dramatic Sideswept Bob

Indulge in the allure of an asymmetrical bob featuring a sweeping side part for a touch of sassiness. Effortlessly thin out the face with this dramatic hairstyle, offering just the right balance of sexy and chic.


19. Wavy Bob with Deep Side Parting

Explore the playful side of short hair with a wavy bob adorned with a deep side part for added volume. Embrace messy waves to create plenty of volume, complementing round face shapes with effortless flair.


20. Long Inverted Bob

Infuse femininity and elegance with a long bob featuring loose waves for added movement. Create volume in the lower part of your hair for a triangular shape that effortlessly slims round faces, offering a chic and sophisticated style.


21. Short Bob with Curtain Bangs

Add flair to your look with a short, choppy bob complemented by curtain bangs for a touch of playfulness. This hairstyle lightens and volumizes hair while the curtain bangs beautifully balance round facial features for a flattering and stylish appearance.


22. Dark Brown Bob with Bangs

Revamp your style with a super cute transformation featuring a dark brown bob with rounded ends and messy bangs. The addition of messy strands adds movement and dimension to straight hair, offering a chic and modern twist to classic bob hairstyles for round faces.


23. Choppy Peek-a-Boo Bob

Inject fun and personality into your look with choppy layers that add texture to a uniform bob cut. Effortlessly achieve an understated yet stylish appearance by air-drying your hair to create subtle waves at the tips, adding a touch of playfulness to your hairstyle.


24. Balayage Lob with Gentle Curls

Enhance your medium-length bob with gentle mid-shaft waves that exude movement and life. Balayage highlights add depth and dimension, accentuating the flowing nature of curls for a chic and sophisticated look that flatters round face shapes.


25. Cute Side-Parted A-line Bob

Elevate your style with a classy A-line bob paired with sleek styling and discreet highlights for added sophistication. The soft brown base color and subtle highlights beautifully frame the face, creating a balanced and flattering appearance for round face shapes.


26. Tousled Bob with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Keep things fresh and fun with a tousled bob featuring eyebrow-skimming bangs for a flirty touch. Choppy layers add interest without altering the shape dramatically, while the tousled look exudes effortless charm and style.


27. Textured A-line Burgundy Bob

Embrace your natural texture and wave with a textured A-line bob featuring sideswept bangs and layers that work with your hair’s motion. The sideswept bangs and face-framing layers create a flattering zig-zag shape, adding dimension and movement to the hairstyle.


28. Grunge-Style Charcoal Bob

Embrace a punk rock vibe with grungy waves achieved by braiding your hair before bed for effortless texture. The black-to-charcoal fade adds edgy sophistication, while the tousled texture adds bounce and volume for a chic and stylish look.


29. Blonde Bob with Beach Waves

Opt for a messy bob with beach waves to flatter thin hair and round faces. Loose waves add volume and dimension, drawing attention away from plump cheeks for a flattering and stylish appearance.


30. Short Copper Bob with Wispy Bangs

Add volume and dimension to your short bob with wispy bangs and face-framing layers. The combination of volume and flattering face framing creates a stylish and flattering look for round faces.


31. Short Bob with Heavy Side Bangs

Achieve the perfect balance between a pixie cut and a bob with heavy side bangs that frame the face. This versatile haircut offers the edgy appeal of a pixie cut while providing the face-framing benefits of a bob, creating a flattering look for round faces.


32. Asymmetrical Bob for Round Face

Infuse your style with sweetness and style with a chin-length asymmetrical bob in a bright blonde hue. This chic haircut, coupled with a side part, offers a flattering option for round faces, while the asymmetry adds a touch of modern flair.


33. Edgy Violet Bob with Side Part

Experiment with a bold violet hue and a concave style to sharpen softer facial features. This edgy bob haircut, coupled with a side part, offers a daring yet flattering option for round faces, effortlessly showcasing your unique style.


34. Bleached Bob with Red Root Shadow

Explore the beauty of a root shadow with a bold red-to-silvery blonde fade, complemented by a textured long bob cut. This vibrant hairstyle adds depth and dimension, effortlessly flattering round face shapes with its modern and stylish appeal.


35. Short Side-Parted

Achieve a perfect balance between femininity and edge with a short bob featuring a slight touch of purple for a modern twist. The razor-cut layers add softness to the blunt bob, creating a chic and stylish look that flatters round faces.


36. Sleek Midnight Black Bob

Channel sophistication and class with a sleek a-line bob in jet black, reminiscent of iconic styles from the late 90s. This timeless haircut, paired with a dark rouge lip, offers a dramatic yet flattering look for round faces, exuding modern elegance.


37. Sleek A-Line Lob

Opt for an asymmetrical, graduated bob to draw attention to the back while narrowing the face with longer, face-framing layers in the front. The soft brown base color and subtle highlights add depth and dimension, creating a chic and flattering hairstyle for round faces.


38. Stacked Short Curls

Achieve volume and texture with large rollers, adding sultry side bangs for extra flair. Sweet caramel highlights enhance dimension and prevent the style from feeling overwhelming, offering a playful and flattering look for round faces.


39. Angled Style in Two Versions

Explore the versatility of curls with a sleek side part and subtle curve at the ends, elongating the visage for a flattering effect. Whether opting for a simple or curled style, this haircut offers a flattering and stylish option for round faces.


40. Stylish Bob with Highlights

Add texture and dimension to your bob haircut with snipped layers and eye-catching purple highlights. This fun yet sophisticated hairstyle flatters round faces with its playful color and adds a modern twist to classic bob hairstyles.


41. Low Maintenance Bob for a Round Face

Simplify your styling routine with a messy bob featuring a deep side part for added volume and visual slimming. This undone look exudes effortless charm while offering a flattering and low-maintenance option for round faces.


42. Short Bob with Middle Part

Challenge traditional styling with a middle part bob that flatters round faces with the right length and strategic front strands. By ensuring the bob doesn’t extend past the chin and framing the cheeks, this hairstyle achieves a slimming effect for a sophisticated look.


43. Cute Bob Hairstyle for Round Faces

Radiate cuteness with a shoulder-length bob adorned with loose waves, lush side bangs, and a flirty strand tucked behind the ear. This charming combination adds volume and dimension, beautifully flattering round face shapes with extra flair.


44. Layered Bob Haircut

Transform your look with layered bob haircuts that inject exceptional lightness and volume into your locks. This versatile hairstyle steals attention away from plump cheeks, offering a flattering and stylish option for round faces of all hair types.


45. Shaggy Long Bob for Round Faces

Add mind-blowing volume to your hair with a shaggy bob that flatters round faces effortlessly. Dark roots infuse dimension and depth into this blonde bob, providing the ultimate slimming effect and a chic, modern style.


46. Straight Face-Hugging Bob with Piece-y Bangs

Minimize the appearance of a prominent forehead with long wispy bangs complementing a chin-length bob. Add layers on top for extra volume, creating a gorgeous look that beautifully frames the face and exudes sophistication.


47. Messy Lob

Ditch the idea of long straight hair and embrace a shorter voluminous cut with a long bob. By moving hair to the front and covering plump cheeks, this hairstyle visually slims round faces for a flattering and fashionable appearance.


48. Stacked Bob

Experience the flattering effect of a stacked bob haircut, suitable for any hair type and face shape, including round faces. Versatile in color and parting options, this hairstyle offers endless possibilities for a chic and personalized look.


49. Wavy Lob

Discover the elegance and convenience of a long bob, or lob, which flatters round faces with its voluminous waves and ombre effect. Airy waves add volume and dimension, creating a stylish and flattering hairstyle for various occasions.


50. Flattering Ashy Bob

Transform thin hair and round face shapes with a chin-length bob featuring a deep side parting for added volume and asymmetry. The gray blending adds a touch of sophistication to this chic hairstyle, offering a flattering and stylish option for round faces.

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