20 Stunning Ways to Rock a Sew In Bob

You could have discovered the perfect new look if you’ve been searching for one. The sew-in bob is a very adaptable hairstyle that you can use to instantly add volume, layers, and style to your hairdo. A straightforward weave can be the best option if you want to switch things up with an ombre color or go really wild with an asymmetrical cut. Here are simply twenty amazing techniques to master this mode.

Why Sew-In Weaves?

Votes on hair care forums demonstrate that black women adore sew-in weaves because they let natural hair grow and give it a break. In addition, you’re sporting a haircut that you adore as you choose the ideal length, color, and texture. If you’ve never weaven but have read terrifying tales about them, we can assist you in making a successful first sew-in. Here are the answers to any queries you could have, along with an added bonus of an inspirational gallery!

Bob Sew-In Options

Suppose you’ve always desired a chic bob. You can have it now. You should think about which of the following possibilities you like before deciding on a style:

  • Is it side-parted or center-parted?
  • Is it one length and blunt or asymmetrical?
  • With or without bangs?
  • Is the wave loose, body wave, or straight?

What Types of Hair Works Best for Sew-in Bobs?

The most well-liked options for bobs are Saga Remy and Outre Purple Pack.

How Much Hair for a Bob?

For a full look, use two to three bundles of 12 or 14-inch hair that have been cut to your desired length and style. Some people use only 1.5 bundles of 10′′ hair, but you won’t have thin ends if you use more bundles and longer hair.

Concerns You May Have About Weaves

The main worry is that your sew-in will appear wavy, lumpy, and artificial. There’s also the possibility that it will harm your natural hair.

Speaking of a weave that seems natural, everyone knows that you have to visit a qualified stylist, but even then, there’s no assurance you’ll receive the desired outcome. The ideal course of action is to hire a person whose work you have genuinely liked and have seen (better in person).

You shouldn’t be concerned about damage as long as your sew-in isn’t put too tight and you take good care of the natural hair underneath the weave. Regularly condition the hair behind the extensions, and only use style mousse and shine booster on them. One month is the ideal amount of time to wear your weave for the first time. You might go longer—at least five weeks—with your subsequent weave.

Perfecting The Sew In Bob

You should never mistakenly believe that the bob is only rigorous and harsh. Oh no, there are so many different ways to wear it that it’s worth giving it a try. Please have a look at some of our motivational images before you start. You’ll undoubtedly find something that just says “you.”

Hollywood Glamor Bob

Worried a long bob (lob) might look too severe? Embrace texture and body in your weave! Opting for a layered curly bob sew-in instead of a straight cut adds unmatched glamor and sophistication.

Source: @hairbychantellen

Voluptuous Weave

For adventurous souls, a vamped-up weave with a side part and cascading waves is a perfect day-to-night look. Notice the teased hair for a perfectly tousled style.

Source: @hairartbydominique

Long Bob with Heavy Bangs

For a stylish, office-ready haircut, consider a long bob with hefty bangs. This sleek style exudes professionalism and style. Opt for a slick finish with well-conditioned hair.

Source: @hair_rajukuken

Full Weave with Rouge Ombre

This cute look suits many! A side-part weave with a creative colored ombre creates a striking style. Add soft ringlet curls to the ends and gently tease the bangs.

Source: @stylebycre

Asymmetrical Lob

High fashion meets casual in this chic asymmetrical graded cut. Sew-in bobs can be unconventional and very chic. A graded lob screams high-end and makes a statement.

Source: @hairbydanni

Extreme Layered Bob

Layers are your friend for volume. This weave is blown out in swoopy layers that showcase beautiful movement. Pair it with a black-to-blonde root fade for a winning look.

Source: @tamekaking

Medium Cut with Center Part

Center partings are back in style! Check out the sheer blonde weave with deep black roots and the gently tousled hair for effortless femininity.

Source: @stylebycre

Sexy Partial Sew In

This style offers a new take on the traditional bob sew-in with a sweeping side part. The locks with golden highlights are sleekly blown across the face for a truly unique look.

Source: @foreignbeautyinc

Traditional Bob with Extra Length

Adding a little length to a classic bob creates a fresh take. Sliced-in angles and slightly curled sides complete this lovely customized bob.

Source: @thehairicon

Curly Bob Sew In

Ditch the sleek look and embrace a creative curly weave! Curls tend to flatter slimmer faces and can be accented with rouge and gold for an elegant style.

Source: @hairartbydominique

Graduated Cut with Sweeping Fringe

Take your style to the next level with a full sew-in bob. Experiment with an electric blue weave, sharp sides, and a sweeping fringe.

Source: @thehairicon

The Goldilocks

Elevate a long layered bob with an unnatural color. Pale blonde tones with pink accents create a gorgeous statement.

Source: @tamelalemieux

Weave with Textured Curls

Want a hairstyle with oomph? Opt for textured curls in your weave for added body. A medium inverted bob like this requires minimal effort and looks polished.

Source: @chantelthehairartist

Bouncy Spirals

Ringlets are back! Sew-in bobs with an invisible part look the most natural.

Source: @the_rose_affect

Feathered Bangs with Sleek Sides

The side-part weave allows the feathered bangs to take center stage. Red and gold highlights add a fearless touch.

Source: @hair_rajukuken

Smooth Blunt Lob

Blunt bobs are epitome of grace. The smoothed-down blunt bob is a cute and striking hairstyle.

Source: @mermaid_ney

Angular Short Cut

For a dynamic style, start with a middle-part bob sew-in and add strongly angled sides and a short back. Blue tones add a chic touch.

Source: @keena360

Flowing Waved Style

Curvaceous bobs create drama and a chic look. The feathered ends complete this feminine weave.

Source: @kthestylistb

Textured Short Chop

Texture is key for short hairstyles. This side-part asymmetrical cut with waves and curls is a great example.

Source: @hairbydanni

Long Layered Weave

Regular bob sew-ins can be adapted to flatter your individuality. Go with asymmetry, romantic flicks, razored ends, or anything that enhances your natural beauty.

Source: @hairsnobb_
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