20 Ideas for Bob Braids in Ultra Chic Hairstyles

Is there a style more elegant or refined than the classic bob? In actuality, there is; bob braids are stylish and edgy in addition to being constantly in style. Braided bob hairstyles range from funky to conservative and are incredibly versatile, easy to style, and universally flattering.

There is a vast world of braided bobs, ranging in length from short to long. This stunning and dramatic protective hairstyle for natural hair is incredibly lightweight and simple to style! Prepare to experiment with your hairstyle by looking through some stylish bob braids!

1. Chic Angled Bob Box Braids

This is what a box braids bob should be all about. Like the classic bob, it’s an angled bob style that curls under the chin. Because it features the ideal length and exquisitely frames the face, that hairstyle is flattering on almost everyone.

Source: @modernsalon

2. Bob Braids with Bangs

A bob with bangs has a unique appearance. Not to mention how they draw attention to those large, gorgeous eyes, the bangs give the appearance a priceless touch of youthful playfulness!

Source: @hulindlovu

3. Asymmetrical Bob Braids

What a great bob! Everything about it, from root to tip, is flawless. For round faces, the side portion’s slimming effect is a major plus. These braids are the perfect length for a face-framing style that looks great without the need for any extra accessories.

Source: @modernsalon

4. Long Bob with Thick Braids

Square-part, longer braided bob hairstyles are incredibly adaptable. With this haircut, it’s simple to create dozens of different updos and pull off both a side and a middle part. Rich, enviable bulk that is also controllable and frizz-free is created by thin, curly strands flowing along the braids.

Source: @justbraidsinfo

5. Rolled Half Updo

Although this half-up, half-down bob braid hairstyle is somewhat reminiscent of Victory rolls, it’s much simpler to execute, especially if you have a fantastic base. Just cut, twist, and pin. For those who enjoy retro-inspired hairstyles, this is a gorgeous braided bob hairstyle.

Source: @modernsalon

6. Short and Chic Bob Braids

Although many bobs are chin-length, there’s no reason they can’t be a little shorter. This picture’s short bob is a contemporary take on the traditional haircut. Additionally, it serves as a reasonably protective hairstyle for African Americans.

Source: @modernsalon

7. Layered Bob Braids

Admire the gorgeous color, the flawless angled braids, and the exquisite bob’s silhouette. It is inverted and features cornrows on one side as a result of the layers. The style is edgy and has lovely ascending lines thanks to the asymmetry at the front.

Source: @justbraidsinfo

8. Two-Tone Tiny Braids

Because pixie braids in a bob are typically small and manageable, styling options are virtually endless. What more can you do? Brush them to one side, arrange them into a half bun, or braid the bangs. One or more colors—your preferred hue or a shade that goes well with your skin tone.

Source: @scbraid_university

9. Long and Short Bob Braids

It’s time to add an asymmetrical twist to your short bob. Why not try this amazing style with gorgeous diagonal lines and shorter braids underneath? Side-parted looks are sultry and stylish. It will be more vibrant with a few purple braids.

Source: @jdivastyles

10. Braided and Wrapped

This box braid bob is incredibly stylish, paying attention to every little detail. Beginning as cornrows, the braids finish as tightly hung, freely hanging plaits that are sealed and curled under. Don’t be afraid to try different highlights and accents for your braided bob. Anything from brightly colored hair braids to haphazard faux locs—a new twist is always appreciated!

Source: @modernsalon

11. Center Parted Bob

This bob exudes a bohemian vibe because of the center section and the careless way these braids are thrown back. A few face-framing braids in a contrasting color work as a lovely accent that you can make noticeable or very subtle, like in this example. The beads add a bit of glitz.


12. Multicolored Bob

Take a look at this colorful and lively bob in the picture! Consider it in actuality. Why not add caramel highlights and curls woven into the braids to give a classic bob a little more personality? This gives the braided bob a voluptuous, dynamic appearance.

Source: @tekeirastyles

13. Braids and Buns

You’ll be glad to wear those adorable braids hanging loosely for a while after getting your new braided bob, but you’ll soon start to wonder about other ways to style them. You can make two quick, easy, and adorable Minnie Mouse buns in under two minutes.

Source: @modernsalon

14. Purple Short Braids

Not only do short bob braids complement the bob haircut well, but they also look stunning in unexpectedly bright hues. Of course, purple is the ideal color, but practically any shade will look good. To pull off a hairstyle this hot and attention-grabbing, it just takes confidence.

Source: @worldly.roxi

15. Bob Topped with a Bun

An interesting alternative to the plain half-ponytail is a high bun or top knot. In particular, braided buns open up the face and are simple to make. You can easily achieve this look with braids of any thickness and length in bobs.

Source: @_queen_of_braids

16. Caramel Brown Side-Swept Bob

In a bob, box braids are similar to natural locks, but much easier to manage and frizz-free. The popular asymmetrical style is adopted in this bob, and the thick braids add a significant amount of volume. These stunning dark eyes are emphasized by the golden beads on the braids, which also accentuate the style’s brightness.

Source: @cchairsalon_

17. Shoulder-Length Braids with Wooden Beads

The fact that braided bob hairstyles are lighter than traditional long box braids is one of their best features. Therefore, choosing thicker knotless braids or amusing wooden beads is simple. This long bob’s beaded ends give it a new look and reveal a different side to its personality.

Source: @slayedinbraids

18. Pretty Senegalese Twists Bob

This chic, chin-length, and elegant bob cut with Senegalese braids is fairly simple. The bob braids have sassy bantu knots on the ends and are parted in the middle. Isn’t it lovely?

Source: @chayslaysme

19. Thin Box Braids and Curls

This braided look has a nice curly bob vibe to it because of the thin box braids and curly hair extensions. For an intentionally disheveled bob look, part the hair unevenly. Additionally, you might think about adding side-swept bangs or face-framing layers; these hairstyles are ideal.

Source: @styledbytoi

20. Stacked and Angled Bob

With careful layering, these braids create a cute cropped style that has the most volume possible. Don’t tie any braids at the nape if you want a very short stacked style with a taper. Allow it to act as a counterpunch.

Source: @stellabraiding
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