30 Enchanting Ideas of Blonde Hair with Lowlights

It’s typical for women with dark hair to want to lighten their hair, but did you know that blonde hair can also benefit from dark hues applied to highlight the bright color? See the newest styles in lowlight blonde hair and achieve a multifaceted look with a striking pop of color!

It is best to deal with a professional colorist who can assist you in selecting the appropriate hue to go with your blonde hair if you are thinking of getting lowlights. They will carefully apply the lowlights to your hair to produce a contrast that looks natural and improves the overall appearance of your hair. Naturally, presenting your stylist the looks you enjoy most will always help. The list below has some amazing examples that you will definitely want to pin.

1. Golden Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Transform your look effortlessly by incorporating subtle golden brown lowlights into your blonde locks, adding depth and dimension for a fuller appearance.

Source: @maxgourgues

2. Blonde Hair with Lowlights and Highlights

Why settle for one when you can have both? Embrace a multidimensional look with highlights and lowlights on dirty blonde hair, enhanced by wavy textures for a natural radiance.

Source: @hannahandersen.mane

3. Brown Curls with Golden Blonde Highlights

Elevate your style with a stunning bronde balayage, blending beige and honey blonde highlights for a head-turning allure. Don’t forget to add lowlights for extra depth to your curly locks.

Source: @romeufelipe

4. Pretty Blonde Highlighted Hair

Infuse warmth and dimension into your blonde strands with a scenic blend of highlights, lowlights, and ribbons in white and ash blonde tones. This playful mix adds dynamism to long hair, enhancing its appeal.

Source: @rodrigocintra

5. Bob Cut with Blended Lowlights with Highlights

Opt for a trendy mix of light brown highlights and lowlights to achieve the best of both worlds. The result? Mesmerizing shades of blonde and brown that complement all skin tones, effortlessly.

Source: @hirohair

6. Champagne Blonde Lowlights Balayage

Create the illusion of thicker, voluminous locks with champagne blonde lowlights, strategically implemented to add contrast and depth to your fine hair.

Source: @ameliajanehair

7. Warm Blonde Balayage for Fine Hair

Maintain an effortless and balanced look with golden blonde highlights complemented by lowlights matching your natural tone. Enjoy the beauty of two-tone hairdos with minimal effort.

Source: @ahmetcelikhairstudio

8. Caramel Highlights on Long Wavy Locks

Achieve subtle dimension with caramel highlights on your long, wavy locks, enhancing your natural shade without the need for lowlights. Consider a root smudge for added shine and vibrancy.

Source: @taya.hair

9. Blonde Hair with Dark Brown Lowlights

Revitalize your blonde locks with dark brown lowlights, adding depth and interest to loose waves for a dynamic and captivating appearance.

Source: @hairbylisamathews

10. White Babylights and Dark Roots

Maintain the intensity of platinum blonde tones with white babylights, complemented by dark roots for a chic and sophisticated contrast. Don’t forget to use purple shampoo or toner to preserve color vibrancy.

Source: @hairbychrissydanielle

11. Golden Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Embrace the versatility of highlights and lowlights to refresh your natural honey-blonde locks, creating a sun-kissed style that enhances your overall look.

Source: @maxgourgues

12. Ash Blonde Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Experiment with a blend of dirty blonde babylights, platinum accents, and cool brown lowlights for a captivating and unique hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads.

Source: @maddiemelts

13. Light Brown Lowlights on Blonde Hair

Add depth and dimension to bright blonde shades with light brown lowlights, creating a multi-tonal look that adds interest and texture to your locks.

Source: @rodrigocintra

14. Honey Blonde with Light Brown Lowlights

Elevate your blonde mane with honey blonde highlights and light brown lowlights for a multi-tone style that exudes charm and sophistication.

Source: @rock_hair_calhoun

15. Blonde Bob with Lowlights

Enhance icy blonde hair with lowlights to add volume and texture, especially when paired with an angled bob haircut for a natural yet structured appearance.

Source: @jasonanthonyhair

16. Glowy Long Blonde Hair with Lowlights

Achieve a mesmerizing blend of chestnut and honey blonde balayage, accentuated by a soft root smudge for added depth and richness without frequent salon visits.

Source: @ashjeffery_edwardsandco

17. Warm Blonde Mane with Brown Lowlights

Adjust your blonde hair to your complexion with vanilla blonde highlights and brown lowlights, creating a harmonious and flattering style for neutral skin tones.

Source: @rock_hair_calhoun

18. Gray Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Revitalize gray hair with dark brown lowlights and light blonde highlights, maintaining a balanced and vibrant look that enhances your natural beauty.

Source: @hairbylisamathews

19. Ash Blonde Balayage for Long Straight Hair

Enhance the fullness of fine, straight hair with a blend of brown and caramel lowlights, adding dimension and texture to your locks.

Source: @hairbyparisleanne

20. Long Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

Flatter your light brown mane with highlights and lowlights, creating a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle that complements your wavy tresses.

Source: @hairbykatelynmarie

21. Dirty Blonde Lowlights on White Blonde Hair

Tone down platinum blonde hair with dirty blonde lowlights for a subtle yet impactful contrast, perfect for the fall season and beyond.

Source: @slayed_by_bai

22. Blonde Money Pieces and Dark Lowlights

Experiment with dark brown lowlights to add depth and dimension to blonde hair, achieving a chic and stylish look without drastic color changes.

Source: @hairbyhannahmarieee

23. Highlights and Copper Lowlights

Infuse your blonde locks with dimension and warmth by incorporating copper lowlights, creating a captivating style that complements various skin tones.

Source: @pretty.little.witches__bylc

24. Multi-Tone Style for Wavy Hair

Enhance naturally wavy hair with a blend of platinum, caramel, and brown hues for defined and voluminous waves that exude sophistication.

Source: @hairbykacie1

25. Dark Blonde Lowlights on Platinum Hair

Add richness and dimension to platinum hair with honey and golden blonde lowlights, elevating your locks with subtle yet impactful changes.

Source: @aprilatmy.lab

26. Stunning Bronde Hairstyle

Achieve a captivating transformation with brown lowlights on dark blonde hair, creating depth and texture for a stylish and dynamic look.

Source: @ericaquincecolors

27. Seductive Vanilla Latte Hair

Indulge in a sweet and delicate balayage with light blonde highlights and latte lowlights, creating a multidimensional style that enhances your natural beauty.

Source: @yakupcaankarahan

28. Dimensional Golden Brown Ombre

Combine golden blonde and milk chocolate shades for a vibrant and captivating ombre style that exudes warmth and elegance.

Source: @nihatsidarhair

29. Soft Chocolate Brown Lowlights

Add depth and richness to blonde strands with soft chocolate brown lowlights, achieving a natural and dimensional look without compromising hair health.

Source: @hairbyashlenv

30. Charming Copper and Caramel Lowlights

Infuse your icy blonde mane with strawberry blonde lowlights for a bold and vibrant style that demands attention and admiration.

Source: @brittanynewellbeauty
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