7 Bad Habits That Could Be Causing Your Hair To Thin

To get gorgeous locks of hair, you must take special care of it and eliminate some unhealthy habits that may be harming your hair. If you’ve always wanted healthy, thick hair, we can assure you that by adopting a few healthy behaviors, the texture of your hair will improve. 

Using improper styling products or tight hairstyles might cause hair to thin rapidly. So here are seven unhealthy behaviors you should eliminate to get the luscious locks of your dreams: 

1. Not Shampooing Enough

In order to enhance the condition of your hair and scalp, shampooing is crucial. Only if you take good care of it and wash it often will your scalp remain healthy. We’re here to inform you that the optimal frequency for hair cleaning differs depending on the individual.

If you have extremely oily hair, it’s a good idea to wash your hair at least once every other day. You should wash your hair based on how greasy your scalp gets. If you don’t, dandruff and inflammation will result from toxins and oils accumulating on your scalp. 

Your hair may grow more slowly as a result of this irritation, and you may end up breaking your hair off because of your scalp scratches.

2. Being Too Rough With Your Hair

You must handle your hair gently no matter what you do. Be very delicate when shampooing your hair and refrain from using too much force. It is best to pull on your hair as little as possible. You should cease brushing your hair vigorously in the morning and at night if you have developed that habit. 

Many people believe that massaging their hair 100 times a day is beneficial, but it’s not. Using a detangling spray, gently untangle your hair starting at the bottom and working your way up.

3. Bleaching Your Hair Too Often

Bleaching your hair isn’t as gentle to it as adding color, which can make the fibers more full and plump. Your hair’s cuticle becomes harmed by bleaching out the color. Your hair fiber gradually becomes thinner as a result, making it more brittle. 

Consult your stylist about using hair lifting instead of bleaching to get a similar effect. If you wish to lessen the appearance of thinning hair, think about cutting back on the bleaching frequency.

4. Combing Your Hair With The Wrong Type Of Brush

You use brushes on a daily basis, and the improper brush might break and cause a lot of harm. The least hair-friendly alternative isn’t boar bristle brushes, despite common perception. Steer clear of metal brushes and boar bristle brushes when style because they heat up. 

To avoid getting concentrated heat when styling your hair, it is advised to use a brush with rounded plastic prongs and a ventilated plastic base. It’s a win-win situation because plastic brushes are generally far less expensive than metal or boar bristles and are also kind to hair!

5. Skipping Breakfast

While it may not be the most significant meal of the day anymore, breakfast is still very beneficial to hair health. Many people think they have a fantastic diet, yet they frequently forget to have breakfast in their rush to leave the house. 

Breakfast provides energy to your body’s vital functions. Many people neglect to eat breakfast and feed their bodies, which prevents your hair from getting the nutrients it needs.

6. Using The Wrong Styling Products

Although styling products are meant to improve the appearance of your hair, several of them really have the opposite impact when used repeatedly. A few hair follicle scars from relaxers and straighteners might result in significant hair loss. 

Despite their claims to keep your hair in place, products like gel and hairspray actually include alcohol, which dries out and brittleizes your hair. When brushed and combed, the residue left on your hair might cause it to break and fall out. Rather, search for natural options that will hold your hair in place and be kinder to it.

7. Playing With Your Hair

Everybody has had moments when they have carelessly twisted their hair or pulled and scratched at it. These habits generally don’t result in permanent hair loss, although they do eventually cause hair loss. 

It’s critical that folks understand these little routines. Rarely, people’s reactions to stress result in them ripping out their hair. Trichotillomania is the term for this disorder. Even if you don’t have this illness, pulling at your hair can still be quite harmful.

Final Verdict

All things considered, hair thinning is a normal part of aging. Your hair thins because of bad practices like the ones listed above. Please share your opinions with us in the space provided for comments below!

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