20 Trendy Back to School Hairstyles For Teens

Are you getting psyched about returning to school? We’re not talking about courses and study sessions; we’re talking about beautiful haircuts for returning to high school that will catch the eye of your new peers. 

Want to look amazing every day of the week? Mix & combine based on your mood, or plan ahead of time. Here are 20 current looks as well as a few back-to-school quick and easy haircuts for those days when you simply cannot get out of bed on time.

1. Celtic Knot Style

Instructions: Either curl your hair with a curling wand or take advantage of heatless curls by going to bed with a big braid and waking up to wavy hair. Then, pull back front pieces in either a small braid, a bobby-pin design or a fun twist like this one here! Cute, easy, and simple.

Source: @shearbeautyonthego

2. Half-Up Hairbow

Instructions: Wake up with the-night-before curls, add touch-ups and a shine gloss to glitz your hair the morning of (we recommend the Aloxxi Essential 7 Oil Dry Oil Shine Mist). Have breakfast and tackle this adorable hair bow! Try this YouTube video for a how-to.

Source: @hairstylesbygabby

3. Half-Down Space Buns

Instructions: This trendy half-up half-down galaxy bun hairstyle is perfect for making a statement. Utilize relaxed waves which are both stylish and simple. Then, let the double buns be the star of the show by parting your hair half up and then sectioning the top half into two even sections. Bun them up and you’re done!

Source: @abbirosehair

4. Curly Pull-Through Braid

Instructions: Create big, feminine braids with a curling iron come Monday morning, focusing only on the mid-part of the hair down. Using clear elastic bands, create a beautiful half-up half-down look. We suggest this stylish pull-through braid! Check out more pull-through braid ideas to create your perfect look.

Source: @hairstylesbygabby

5. Relaxed Fishtail Updo

Instructions: Who can resist the sweet and studious look of pulled back hair and fishtail braids? This French fishtail braid starts from parted hair and works its way off to the side, finally getting wrapped around in a bun tucked behind her ear. Pull some volume loose to create a more relaxed finished product.

Source: @catherinestroh

6. 4-Strand Waterfall Braid

Instructions: If you want to keep your hair the same from Monday’s ‘do and focus on a simple yet intriguing braid, this one’s for you! Check out the tutorial on this exact 4-strand waterfall loop braid. It’s perfect for all hair lengths. If you have fine hair, try a bit of dry shampoo or volumizing product to thicken the braided section!

Source: @braidsbyjordan

7. Wispy Dutch Braid Updo

Instructions: A big side braid and soft wispy hair make for a great Tuesday, right? If you have short hair, simply work the Dutch braid. If you have medium to long hair, pull the rest of the hair into a knot at the nape of your neck. A hairstyle like this is staying in place all day!

Source: @hairbyjaxx

8. Faux Bubble Braid

Instructions: Spice-up your casual Tuesday outfit with a faux bubble braid. It’s soft and sweet but not quick to do, so have a look at how to do a faux bubble braid. Add this to your schedule as a back to school hairstyle for long hair. Pull a few tendrils around your face and you’re all set.

Source: @aurorabraids

9. Dutch Braid Space Buns

Instructions: Mixing Dutch braids with space buns is combining the two trendiest hairstyles we’ve seen in a long time. Liven up your Wednesday school day with this look. Don’t be shy! But be prepared to practice this one at home before schooltime (go ahead and practice now, here’s how!).

Source: @aurorabraids

10. Big 3-Strand Braid

Instructions: If you’ve got the length, or even if you fake it with extensions, this braid is perfect for you. Make your classmates envious of your braid-game with a voluminous Dutch braid that ends at the base of the neck and moves into, that’s correct, the second style of braid.

Source: @bighairedhannah

11. Girly Space Bun Updo

Instructions: Why mess with a trendy back-to-school classic like space buns? The best part is it looks a lot more difficult than it is. Work this classic for bold-braid Wednesday by parting your hair into two ponytail sections at the top of your head, very loosely braiding them and wrapping them into a Princess Leia look.

Source: @cutegirlshairstyles

12. 5-Strand Dutch Ponytail

Instructions: Go all-out with this 5-strand Dutch braid into a ponytail with an accent braid. Having a hairstyle like this is ideal for more relaxed outfits or those days when you just throw on a simple blouse and want to keep your hair as the main focus. Show off your braiding skills with this one!

Source: @braidsbylia

13. Pretty Halo Braid

Instructions: A halo braid will be the go-to back-to-school hairstyle this year. Keeping the front section very natural and the back of the hair all done-up, this can still be a 5-minute look! Just wear two tightly-wound braids to bed and wake up to the braided mess and place them into the halo braid.

Source: @laurachristopherhairartist

14. Rope Twisted Updo

Instructions: Take the halo braid look one step further with a rope twisted updo. Master the rope hair twist and make an extravagant hairstyle out of it, like this look here! It’s perfect for a homecoming dance or yes, even just a regular Thursday of the week.

Source: @yiyayellow

15. Pigtail Dutch Braids

Instructions: This is one of the easiest back-to-school hairstyles for short hair if you are searching for quick and cute braids. Is there a cuter Dutch braid hairstyle than double reverse braids into little pigtail ponytails? Be sure to use clear elastic hair ties to close the pigtails.

Source: @abbirosehair

16. Sleek Braided Knot

Instructions: These braids move backward and are really loose, easy to do if you are not yet an expert at braiding your own hair but still want a crack at it. Put the focus on braiding and twisting the back together in an interesting way, like this beautiful messy style here.

Source: @brittanyatboss

17. Curly Ponytail with Scrunchie

Instructions: Ponytails are easy and scrunchies are trendy again! So, what’s not to love about this cute back-to-school hairstyle? Here’s a trick: put your hair into a ponytail, add a cute scrunchie, and then just curl the ends of the ponytail according to your taste. You’re done in 10 minutes!

Source: @prettyhairstyleess

18. Easy Bubble Ponytail

Instructions: This retro look is playful and perfect for Fridays. Tease the hair of your ponytail for volume and thickness, then use elastic bands, make a “bubble” look by creating sections and pulling hair slightly out of each chunk. These easy back-to-school updos require a lot of hairspray but not a lot of effort.

Source: @catchies

19. Fishtails on Straight Hair

Instructions: Simple looks like these are great back-to-school hairstyles for medium length hair. Leave most of your hair down either curly or straight and pull back your bangs and front sections in a type of braid. Let the other girls wear messy Friday buns, you’ve got time for cute Dutch fishtails.

Source: @annies_hairstyles

20. Sidebraid with Low Ponytail

End the week with a cute and simple braided pony, the perfect addition to a football jersey and jean outfit at the school football game. Wrap a loose braid from around the pony and secure it with a bobby pin. Enjoy these back-to-school quick and easy hairstyles any day.

Source: @hairwithsuns
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