20 Statement Androgynous Haircuts for Women

Androgynous haircuts are gaining popularity these days. This style, pioneered by superstars such as Miley Cyrus, appeals to those who wish to make a statement that combines masculine strength with a feminine touch. Others may seek this reduction to challenge gender conventions and expectations in today’s political environment.

Androgyny is a newly popularized phrase that may capture the interest of some while confusing others. Simply said, it takes a gender-neutral approach to topics like clothing and hair. Androgynous haircuts are popular among people who identify as gender flexible.

1. Pixie Cut with a Tapered Fade

This sleek androgynous pixie cut offers a bold yet minimalist look, especially suitable for those with straight hair. The subtle gradient fade adds a touch of style without compromising the simplicity of the haircut. Its low-maintenance nature makes it a perfect choice for individuals looking to reduce their styling time.

Source: @heymissmandy

2. Punk Androgynous Cut with Lines

For those craving a hairstyle with more texture and personality, consider opting for a longer length at the crown with a layered fringe. To add texture, warm up a light-hold wax between your palms and gently tousle your hair. Incorporating horizontal lines shaved in front of the ear is a trendy option that adds a modern twist to the overall look.

Source: @hair.by.ashmichelle

3. Dirty Blonde Crop Cut

Focusing the length of the hair towards the fringe can effectively camouflage a larger forehead. Highlighting the bangs helps draw attention away from areas you might want to de-emphasize. Even those with smaller foreheads can opt for longer fringes, which can be styled in a sideswept or pushed-back manner.

Source: @cocoutureartistry

4. Ashy Brown Spiky Pixie

This edgy, unisex haircut leans towards a more feminine vibe with its uniform length throughout. If you’ve already taken the plunge and shaved the sides, consider massaging castor oil into those areas to maintain a consistent length across your entire head over time.

Source: @h4_salon

5. Icy Blonde Androgynous Cut with Undercut

Short androgynous hairstyles offer a wide range of layering and length contrasts, providing numerous options to suit different personalities. Whether you prefer a sleek look or something more textured, there’s undoubtedly an androgynous cut that perfectly complements your style.

Source: @samernaim

6. Platinum Tipped Cut with Scruffy Layering

Individuals with curly hair may find longer cuts like this particularly appealing, as they allow curls to be more defined and prominent. To enhance your natural curls, it’s essential to keep your hair well-moisturized with regular oil treatments, deep conditioners, and leave-in products containing ingredients like aloe vera.

Source: @lovelanesalon

7. Soft Side Swept Shaved Cut

For individuals with thin hair, opting for a textured and layered haircut is essential to maximize volume. Fine hair tends to lack volume and can appear flat, so blow-drying with a round brush to one side can create the illusion of thicker hair with added height.

Source: @hair_by_marlo

8. Classic Textured Pompadour

Androgynous haircuts like this one are perfect for those with thick hair, as the density allows for the hair to stand up naturally. Due to the bulkiness of this style, a side part may not be the most suitable option, but the textured pompadour provides a timeless and stylish look.

Source: @bymaggiekime

9. Gender-Neutral Slicked Quiff

The quiff hairstyle, originating in the 1950s and popularized by icons like Elvis and James Dean, has transcended gender boundaries over the years. Opting for an alcohol-based hairspray instead of heavier styling products can help achieve more height, as they are less likely to weigh down your hair.

Source: @tamirescorreas

10. Pastel Mid Fade Crew Cut

A subtle variation of the classic mohawk, this understated mini-mohawk offers a wearable yet edgy look. Experimenting with bleaching or adding pastel colors can add a unique flair to the style, while shaved sides draw attention to facial features.

Source: @mista.willis

11. Midnight Brown Textured Top with Buzzed Sides

Inspired by retro hipster aesthetics, this androgynous hairstyle pairs well with vintage-inspired accessories like oversized denim jackets and sixties-style glasses. To add a touch of femininity, consider accessorizing with understated jewelry and makeup.

Source: @tamirescorreas

12. Comb-Over Pomp with Hard Part

Barbers often use the “hard part” technique to add definition and interest to hairstyles, creating a thin line along the desired part. While this technique enhances the overall look, it may limit styling options to one side.

Source: @gen_stylist

13. Silky Textured Pixie Cut

The iconic crop cut, popularized by British actress Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s, exudes a delicate yet sophisticated charm. Although not as traditionally feminine as longer styles, it can easily be paired with makeup and accessories to achieve a more feminine appearance.

Source: @cherise_cheveux

14. Spiky Windswept Fringe with Copper Highlights

Copper highlights add depth and dimension to this masculine cut, creating a balanced and stylish look. To maintain the color, use sulfate-free products and minimize heat exposure, especially for androgynous haircuts tailored to round faces.

Source: @hair.by.ashmichelle

15. White Blonde Razored Haircut with Piecey Layers

A textured pixie cut like this one is elevated by a bold color choice, such as a silvery, cool-toned blonde. While the haircut itself is low maintenance, maintaining a platinum color requires regular upkeep with specialized products like purple shampoo.

Source: @lovemoreanddosalon

16. Long Gray Mohawk with Mullet

Achieving androgynous hairstyles with long hair can be challenging, but incorporating elements like a buzzed side, mullet-style hair, or an extended mohawk can help achieve a more gender-fluid look.

Source: @bescene

17. Long Punk-Inspired Comb-Over

Even non-gender-specific haircuts require care and maintenance for healthy, shiny hair. Shorter styles are generally healthier as they eliminate split ends, and they also tend to require less heat styling, minimizing potential damage.

Source: @aspenteal

18. Windswept Chocolatey Brown Fauxhawk

Embrace an androgynous style by opting for a traditional men’s cut at a trusted barber. To further adjust your look along the gender spectrum, consider experimenting with different clothing styles or makeup looks.

Source: @susanfordhair

19. Retro Curly Fringe Cut

Curls and waves are desirable features in many gender-neutral haircuts. For individuals with straight hair, using a wand of appropriate size and finishing with a light pomade or wax can help achieve defined curls without weighing them down.

Source: @colette.does.pretty

20. Sleek Comb-Over Side Part

The slicked-back hairstyle, popularized by fifties greasers, continues to be a timeless and versatile choice. Achieve a sleek, wet look by saturating the hair, combing it into place, and setting it with a gel for a polished finish.

Source: @cutyourhair
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